CDMac's V-Diet Log


DAY 21 - Sunday 10/22/2017

1000 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1))
1200 - 1300 NEPA
1300 - Metabolic Drive/ Flameout
1400 - V-Burn challenge
1600 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout

HSM: 509 kcal
6oz chicken
1cup Pico de gallo
.5Tbsp olive oil
100g salad mix
48g avocado
125g red bell pepper


  • 4.01 miles/ 1:08:24 / 414 kcal burned

Vburn challenge

  • Circuit 1: 2:32

  • Circuit 2: 2:29

  • Circuit 3: 2:32

  • Circuit 4: 2:38

  • Circuit 5: 2:37

  • Overall Time: 12:49


  • Wife decided to walk with me so a little slower pace but GREAT walk with her
  • Shooting for sub 12 minutes next V-Burn
    • will have to have bigger card with exercises printed so can reference easier

--------------------------------- 10/1/2017 10/8/2017 10/15/2017 10/22/2017
WEIGHT 178.8 173 174 169.8
NECK 16.4 15.7 15.2 15.3
SHOULDERS 45.2 46.1 46.2 47.1
CHEST 37.7 38.8 39 39
WAIST ABOVE NAVEL 33.2 32.7 31.8 31
WAIST ACROSS NAVEL 34.8 33.9 33.1 32.9
WAIST BELOW NAVEL 35.7 34.6 33.5 33.1
HIPS 38.9 38.8 38.7 39
BICEP L 13.1 13.3 13.2 14
BICEP R 13 13.2 13.3 13.7
THIGH L 21 22.6 22.6 22.3
THIGH R 20.8 22.2 22.2 22.1
CALF L 15.3 15.1 15.1 15.5
CALF R 15.5 15.3 15.2 15.8







Yeah…that is alot of liquid…If you’re feeling bloated maybe have half the MD before, then finish it after? Just a thought. I work out at lunch so I haven’t run into this yet.


Solid progress! One more week! If you’re feeling satisfied in the appetite dept you might take away one scoop of the end of day shake if you haven’t already. Are the workouts getting more brutal taking the 5 seconds of rest time off each week?


Thanks @tstoddard79!

today was effing killer (down to 30 second rest cycles)

Yeah I’ve played around with 1 scoop shakes last week but think a couple of days of that in a row may have contributed to my 2 days of feeling terrible so I stopped doing that.

I am going to just try to limit my HSM and not be on such the high end of the calorie range this week.

Also, note my poor NEPA performance last week.

I need to be more consistent this week with getting in my walks

I may actually keep rolling on the V-diet past the initial 28 days.

While certain parts are leaning out nicely, I still have some stubborn areas that I’d like to really lean out before starting growth phase with 5/3/1

Anxious to start 5/3/1 and had planned to start that on 11/6/2017.

I think I’ll keep on V-diet for one additional week and instead of the workouts for V-diet I’ll look to go in and set my training maxes for the 5/3/1 training to follow.

So next week’s training will be all about mobility and then building up to 3RM or 1RM so have legit numbers to plug into my 5/3/1 template the following week.

If I’m not quite ready after 5th week of V-Diet, I can always push out starting 5/3/1 until the following Monday.


If anyone wants the Carne Asada marinade recipe, let me know and I’ll post it.

I grew up in Southern California and we had Carne Asada all the time.

Just moved from Houston and the TexMex places and carnicerias had great Mexican food

Now I’m out here in Pittsburgh and the east coast Mexican food is not quite what we have in Cali or Tejas :wink:

I really enjoy cooking so it was fun to make my own pico de gallo and carne asada.

I’ll have to do that once a week from now on to get my Mexican food fix




Once I finish this V-Diet, I’ll have to take some pics that are a little more flattering.

My obliques are freaking huge and make my sides look plump even though that area has leaned out nice

Right behind that is where the “back fat” is still not coming off as much as I’d like

Got my V cut coming in nicely but can’t tell that from the way the underwear sit

I def need more size overall of course but getting this damn waistline down is priority #1

I like the way my arms have leaned out - seeing better shoulder and biceps/triceps definition


Good call if you noticed your performance dropping. Probably right where you need to be then. May try some Yohimbine HCI or something like that for appetite control if it is in agreement with any other meds you take. Seems to work ok for me and a few others. YMMV.

The stubborn stuff is the worst. I got pretty fat when I got out of the Marines and had 4 kids at home to take care of. Somewere around the ballpark of 6ft 250lb at 30%BF I’m guessing after about 7 years. I started off with 5/3/1 and power lifting to get my muscle back before I dieted it all away. It turned out to be the right answer for me and made it alot easier to burn fat seeing as how I was a beginner all over again. I’m probably hovering around 12%-14% now at 231lbs. Which took about 4 years of steady, consistent effort and an eventual change over to body building.

It’s very possible you could continue burning while doing 5/3/1 for atleast a little while since you’re still within your first year of coming back to the fitness game (If I remember your first post correctly). The v-diet seems like it could be a pretty decent one size fits all, then adjust your carbs accordingly for training type of diet. I will probably also remain on some form of this diet. Chances are I’ll go back to my breakfast of oats and eggs in December since that’s cheap. But I may keep the shake for dinner and bedtime.

I’d advise an LMT visit that specializes in lifting sports. They work wonders on range of motion and injury prevention. At our age (39+) it’s pretty important (I think)

(uhhh…yes please on the carne asada recipe…Your food pictures slay me…)


This is an online version that can be found HERE

I like to marinate overnight for best absorption of the citrus flavors by the meat

I grill my meat hot and fast just like it says to about 130 degrees and then let it rest 15 minutes under aluminum foil before cutting.

If I’m making tacos, I dice the meat up small. If I’m doing burritos or as an entre, I just slice it thin.

Oh, and, Semper Fidelis, brother!


Pico de gallo is super easy too if you know how to use a knife (a lot of chopping).

You can use a food processor but I find it smashes the tomatoes more than hand dicing with sharp blade

HERE is the recipe


Thanks for the recipies, hitting the store tonight most definitely.

Physique changes are coming in nicely. Posture might be making it look worse than it is to you. You neck is kinda angled forward. I’m no professional by any stretch of the means though. The obliques are definitely my problem area too. I have the fat in a nice softball size circle around the naval and on my sides. Looks decent from the front view, but the back view makes me look fat as shit (in my eyes…with body dismorphia lol)


Let me know how the recipes work out for you.

I hear ya on the posture. I think i’m consciously trying to not stick out my chest and tense up so I may be over-correcting by slouching some.

Meh, it’s all good though - that’s why I’m keeping this log so I can look back and compare BEFORE/AFTER

my damn back fat is stubborn as all get out… It’s all the damn candy and pizza just hanging out back there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ok, ignore the “WEEK 4” diffs from above

I copied over my placeholders from my spreadsheet and have not gotten to WEEK 4 yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

WEEK 3 should be as follows:




DAY 22 - Monday 10/23/2017

0700 - 0800 - Workout (Plazma)/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1000 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Flameout)
1330 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1400 - 1500 NEPA
1630 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (only 1 scoop)

HSM: 609 kcal

6oz chicken breast
3oz flank steak
125g salad mix
100g sweet potato
54g avocado

4.04 miles / 58:17 / 498 kcal burned


  • I realized that I am still eating rather large portions of meat/protein
  • To be even better on caloric deficit and to train portion size awareness, need to keep protein portions lower
  • I’m damn near allergic to broccoli (makes me gag to smell it) but last night I had a wild hair to try to find a recipe for it
    • Googled “how to make broccoli not suck”
    • found a sauted garlic and olive oil broccoli recipe I am going to try
    • My wife thought I had been abducted by aliens when I told her about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That damn carne Asada recipie was the BOMB! Thanks!



I’m adding that into the rotation at least once every 2 weeks

I eat a lot of steak so this is a less expensive option than ribeyes (less fat too)

Good looking plate you have there man - Good job!


DAY 23 - Tuesday 10/24/2017

0700 - Breakfast (Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
0700 - 0800 NEPA
0830 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1600 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (only 1 scoop)

HSM: 589 kcal
fettucine and shrimps


  • Morning - 4.0 miles / 56:14 / 507 kcal burned


  • Went a little high on calories tonight - was feeling way low
  • Still think I may just move my last shake of day to the mid afternoon
    • Feel very full after last shake (even only one scoop) and running out of energy during day
    • Especially true if I get my NEPA walk done in the AM


DAY 24 - Wednesday 10/25/2017

0630 - Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
0730 - 0830 - Workout (Plazma)
0930 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive)
1230 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1530 - Hot-Rox(1)
1630 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (only 1 scoop)

HSM: 611 kcal
4oz ribeye
94g tri-colored quinoa (48g dry quinoa yields 125g cooked (2.6x))
1cup garlic sautéed broccoli
.5tbsp olive oil
1tbsp shredded parmesan cheese


  • No NEPA - had pre-construction meeting for new house this afternoon


  • Felt great at workout this morning
  • having constipation past 3 days which is very unusual for me
  • Broccoli didn’t kill me or make me gag but I’m never eating it again
    • I keep trying it but it still sucks
  • Crashed hard after taking afternoon Hot-Rox (not sure why)



  • I was originally going to extend this to a 5th week but I just think I need to give my body a break
  • I was not seeing any significant body comp changes this last 5-7 days but this morning, POW!
  • I have started to lose some of the more stubborn fat and some I didn’t realize was fat
  • Ego taking a little hit as I realize how little muscle mass I have
  • Once I wrap this up on Sunday, I am going to start a growth phase
    • Will start out with a +200/day caloric surplus and adjust as needed
    • Still want to trim some fat but feel like I can do that with METCON
    • Kick off 5/3/1 Triumvirate for 12 weeks (3 cycles) starting 11/6


Keep in mind fat loss isn’t linear…some weeks it’ll peel right off…others it may look like you aren’t making much progress. Stick out the original plan atleast…decide if you are happy with the progress you made, then make the decision to change…I wouldn’t pre-emptively make it now though…because I think you’re still going to see some great changes between now and then.