CDMac's V-Diet Log


Thanks @Chris_Colucci !

Yeah, figuring life gets in the way sometimes but the 190lb English Mastiff is doing much better

  • They thought he may have had a stroke/seizure but he’s acting more “normal” each day
  • Worried about him navigating stairs so he’s sequestered on the main floor of our temporary (while our house is being built) condo

Good news

  • Wife is excited by my progress and she may get on the V-Diet wagon soon too
  • We both were in GREAT shape back in 2006-2010 or so but life/age has caught up
  • She wants to get back to her former self too so I’ll be helping her out on this thing soon
  • I’ll see where this 4 weeks takes me and maybe I’ll do another 4 week run with her if I’m still not rid of all my extra

That’s awesome that your cat can function well without eyesight. Life, in all forms, human or fuzzy, is rather freaking amazing!

Man, I’m excited to be back in action after not lifting for so long. I need to remind myself to take it slow though. I want to be back at my old weights for reps/sets but I’m 46 so I’ve got to be careful just getting back.

I’m the classic, “some is good more is better” guy - need my wife to remind me that I just can’t go throw a bunch of weight around and think I can handle it (or walk the next morning)

To wit, I may have overdone it this morning a little (more in my daily update notes later).

I think I need to pare down the HSMs about 50-80 calories each to stay on the lower side of the recommended ranges. I’ll see how that goes and then if I feel I need some extra I can bump up for just one meal.

EDIT: @Chris_Colucci - my wife is a gluten-freer. Are the supps for V-Diet Gluten Free?


DAY 12 - Friday 10/13/2017

0830 - 0930 - Workout (Plazma/Hot-Rox)
0930 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox)
1330 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1400 - Hot-Rox(2)
1400 - 1500 - NEPA walk 1 hour
1700 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
2000 - Dinner (HSM)/Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout - 1 scoop

HSM: 570 kcal
5oz boneless, skinless chicken breast
150g sweet potato
3oz sauerkraut
69g avocado
101g red bell pepper
163g Roma tomato
95g salad mix

4.01 miles/ 57:40 / 497 kcal burned


  • Workout this AM was tough - 40 second rest periods are NO JOKE
  • Body is used to training with ~2 minutes rest between sets
  • Realized I was trying to make workout a linear progression
  • Decided to simmer down and lighten up on some weights
  • Know I am not eating to gain size/strength right now so can’t train that way
  • I’m going to start a 5/3/1 program after V-Diet so just need the workouts now to be what they are
  • Started doing 2 Hot-Rox in PM and staggered 2 in the AM
  • Stomach/Abs leaning out rather nicely but back fat and butt/hip fat more stubborn
  • Stared seeing vascularity in forearms and biceps/noted better delt definition
  • on heavier incline DBs (only 40lbs but heavier than last week) was able to find some power and mind muscle connection I hadn’t really used before
    • Never did incline press much before as shoulder pain prevented/scared me away
    • Noticeable endurance difference between L and R arm on incline DB press - L gives out ~2 reps earlier


DAY 13 - Saturday 10/14/2017

1000 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2))
1330 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1400 - Hot-Rox(2)
1630 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
2000 - Dinner (HSM)/Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout - 1 scoop

HSM: 587 kcal
Made a low carb, buffalo chicken pizza (found dough recipe on site)
2oz red onion
.25 cup pizza sauce
.25 cup Frank’s Red Hot buffalo sauce
1tsp fat free ranch dressing
5oz chicken breast
.25 cup coconut flour
.25 cup flax meal
.5 cup low fat shredded mozzarella

No NEPA today - This is going to probably hurt me in the long run but I am feeling very run down



DAY 14 - Sunday 10/15/2017

1000 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2))
1330 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1400 - Hot-Rox(2)
1630 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
2000 - Dinner (HSM)/Flameout
2130 - Vburn challenge
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout

HSM: 484 kcal
5oz top sirloin steak
95g salad mix
101g red bell pepper
118g Roma tomato
110g avocado

Vburn challenge

  • Circuit 1: 2:52

  • Circuit 2: 3:04

  • Circuit 3: 3:09

  • Circuit 4: 3:00

  • Circuit 5: 2:51

  • Overall Time: 14:56


  • Decreased V-Burn challenge time by just under 5 minutes
    • Some of that time is just knowing which exercise to do next
    • Some time was me pushing harder

--------------------------------- 10/1/2017 10/8/2017 10/15/2017
WEIGHT 178.8 173 174
NECK 16.4 15.7 15.2
SHOULDERS 45.2 46.1 46.2
CHEST 37.7 38.8 39
WAIST ABOVE NAVEL 33.2 32.7 31.8
WAIST ACROSS NAVEL 34.8 33.9 33.1
WAIST BELOW NAVEL 35.7 34.6 33.5
HIPS 38.9 38.8 38.7
BICEP L 13.1 13.3 13.2
BICEP R 13 13.2 13.3
THIGH L 21 22.6 22.6
THIGH R 20.8 22.2 22.2
CALF L 15.3 15.1 15.1
CALF R 15.5 15.3 15.2





  • Updated some numbers from week 1 as I read my spreadsheet wrong on a couple of measures
  • Scale weight actually up from last week but body comp changes noted
  • Saw HUGE difference in waist measurements this week which was nice (belly flattened considerably)
  • Starting to see difference in leanness most places - back fat and ass fat still stubborn



  • MAN, these images are unflattering as all heck. Guess I can post some flexed at the end


Yep. Metabolic Drive, Plazma, and any other recommended supps in the plan are all gluten-free.

Really glad to hear he’s doing better. Back in the day, we had a 120-pound black lab and when his hips started to go, I had to carry him up and down the stairs. Ha, in retrospect, just keeping him downstairs would’ve been an easier idea.

[quote]Realized I was trying to make workout a linear progression
Decided to simmer down and lighten up on some weights[/quote]
For sure. This style of Waterbury’s training, as opposed to basic sets and reps, is very different and can be tricky to wrap your head around. He explained more about how and why it works here, but it can still be tough to get out of old habits.

5/3/1 is super-versatile. When you’re up for it, check out the 5/3/1 coaching forum to get more feedback about setting up a template.

Very cool that Mrs. Mac might get on the plan too. Any way to get both of you back into shape together is a good call. My lady and I are pretty much the same. Life stuff interrupted her training but we’re getting her back into it.


Thanks, @Chris_Colucci

Yeah, I’ve been all over the coaching forums looking to gain more knowledge and decide what’s right for me getting back to it at 46 years young.

I like the 5/3/1 as there is so much potential flexibility with assistance.

I feel like a kid in a candy store as there is so much great knowledge on the forums.

I trained exclusively Max Overload style training back in the day and I don’t think I did myself any favors in preserving my flexibility or athleticism. I had buddies that were geared up and I was trying to keep pace natty so “just lift as heavy as possible” was all I cared about.

Question for you, @Chris_Colucci

I bought Jim’s original 5/3/1 book and heave read it twice.

Should I buy “Beyond” or “Forever” as well?


Additionally, I was pretty sure the supps were gluten free but thanks for confirming

I’m going to read up on the Waterbury link you provided.


OK, read the article you linked about Waterbury’s ideas.

Very interesting! I’ll have to pick up that book too and give it a read.



DAY 15 - Monday 10/16/2017

0700 - 0800 1930 - Workout (Plazma)
1030 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2))
1400 - Metabolic Drive/ Flameout
1530 - Hot-Rox(2)
1600 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
2000 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2130 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (only 1 scoop)

HSM: 545 kcal
4.1oz strip steak
100g sweet potato
95g salad mix
60g avocado
120g red bell pepper
4oz Roma tomato
2oz sauerkraut

No NEPA AGAIN - this is not good (need to do in the AM)


  • Really struggling today - low energy and sore
  • Feel like I may be getting sick

preview of Tuesday- Got my NEPA in before work otherwise it’s not getting done


DAY 16 - Tuesday 10/17/2017

0700 - 0800 NEPA (Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2))
0930 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive)
1330 - Metabolic Drive/ Flameout
1500 - Hot-Rox(2)
1530 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2130 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (only 1 scoop)

HSM: 589 kcal
2oz Gluten free spaghetti
175g lean turkey sausage
.5cup Ragu tomato, garlic, onion sauce
148g Roma tomato

4.01 miles/ 59:27 / 481 kcal burned


  • Got to bed earlier and feel much better today


DAY 17 - Wednesday 10/18/2017

0800 - 0900 Workout (Plazma)
1030 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2))
1400 - Metabolic Drive/ Flameout
1530 - Hot-Rox(2)
1600 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
2000 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2130 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (only 1 scoop)

HSM: 546 kcal
144g chicken breast (boneless, skinless, baked)
93g sweet potato
128g avocado
125g Roma tomato



I’m more than a little biased, but… yeah, the forums are pretty awesome.

I actually only have the original book too, but you can’t go wrong with either one. Forever is the most recent and has his latest approach to things. I don’t think one is necessarily “required” for the other, it’s just a matter of each having its own bunch of content, templates, etc.

I actually ran Waterbury’s “Get Lean” plan from Huge in a Hurry for a while last year and wrote my two cents on the book here. I think it might be out of print but I got a copy on Amazon with no problem.


OMG, this 3rd week is effing killing me.

The first 2 weeks were great and I wasn’t as drained as I thought I would be but I have hit the wall.

I am so low on energy and just want to eat EVERYTHING!!

I have not deviated from the menu and I don’t plan to but holy hell yesterday and today It’s all I can do to sit here at my desk and not fall asleep.

I had cut down to 1 scoop MD last 2 nights because I’ve not been getting my NEPA walks in as consistently. I wonder if that’s contributing to putting me in too large a caloric deficit and just bottoming me out.

I will probably go high on calories (within range) for my HSM tonight and see if that helps get me back to feeling alright.

I’m pleased with the results so far but I think I’ll be happier when I get past this phase and start into a “clean bulk” phase where I’m eating to gain as opposed to a caloric deficit.

Pushing through the fog…


Funny you mention your two cents on the HIAH book. I looked at grabbing the Kindle version of that book after reading your post on your log. Congrats on the transformation by the way, and the big day.


Man…it must be nice to hit 46, sit around for 3 years and still have somewhat visible abs LOL. I envy you there. I enjoyed reading through the journal here, those numbers look great. You can tell you’re gaining back the dormant muscle tissue and burning the fat right where it counts. I kinda wondered about the extra shake thing at first too, but then you addressed that. The only question I have is that it looks like you might be doing a morning fasted workout sometimes? Is that the case? Well i guess it’s not technically fasted with Plazma. I keep having to remind myself “It’s not just a pre-workout”. The meals look good and gave me some ideas for new dishes. Keep it up!


Thanks for the feedback, @tstoddard79.

Man, the last 2 days have been brutal. I think the low carbs are just finally hitting me and I’m hitting a wall some must experience sooner than I have.

I thought about increasing my workout days per week just so I could have the Plazma =)

Yes, God blessed me with some great genetics but I didn’t have somewhat visible abs back in August or so.

Before starting V-Diet I had been doing about 500 calories caloric deficit per day so I had already shed some of the fat before getting started with this.

I’m much smaller right now than I really want to be but I’ve got time to build some more muscle once the fat is under control. I’ve got a good base (that dormant muscle tissue you mentioned) so hopefully my muscles will respond well once I start training and eating to gain size again. I’ve just got to stay away from the crap food and empty calories (I’m a candy junkie).

Yes, most workouts have been in a fasted state other than water and the Plazma in the morning on workout days.

I’ll hopefully have a new meal up tomorrow. Plan to make carne asada tacos with pico de gallo.

Thanks again for chiming in and for the motivation. I plan to see this thing through and then possibly start a training log.


DAY 18 - Thursday 10/19/2017

0800 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2))
1200 - Metabolic Drive/ Flameout
1500 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2)
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2130 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout

HSM: 535 kcal

6oz boneless, skinless chicken breast (baked with garlic salt, rosemary, basil, pepper)
100g sweet potato
80g salad mix
100g red bell pepper
64g avocado
115g Roma tomato

No dedicated NEPA other than the usual walking of 3 dogs 3x/day


  • Worst day as far as lack of energy and brain fog in the afternoon
  • had been feeling pretty good but today and yesterday were rough
  • decided to reevaluate my nutrient timing (more on that in tomorrow’s post)
  • found flank steak at the grocery so now I can make carne asada tacos with pico de gallo for dinner tomorrow


DAY 19 - Friday 10/20/2017

0800 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1))
0800 - 0900 Workout (Plazma)
1200 - Metabolic Drive/ Flameout
1545 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1730 - Metabolic Drive (1 scoop)
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (1 scoop)

HSM: 710 kcal
6 oz Carne Asada (flank steak)
.5cup fresh homemade pico de gallo
4 corn tortillas
1/8cup mexican blend cheese
3/4 cup spanish rice
65g avocado



  • @tstoddard79 brought up a good point about me doing fasted workouts
  • his comment and my own misery challenged me to rethink my nutrient timing today
  • decided to do MD and breakfast supps in addition to Plazma before my workout today
  • felt a little bloated (a lot of liquid in 15 minutes prior to hitting gym) but feel great (and still full) as of 10:00
  • Decided that my HSM and bedtime MD shake were too close together and my mornings were lacking calories
  • Moved shakes around some to balance out the daily caloric intake and not have most coming in the evening
  • I’ll test this out today and see if I can overcome my brain fog and lethargy I experienced yesterday
  • I also decided to back down to just 1 Hot-Rox tab 2x a day instead of 2 each time I was taking it


DAY 20 - Saturday 10/21/2017

1000 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1))
1300 - Metabolic Drive/ Flameout
1630 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1730 - Metabolic Drive (1 scoop)
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (1 scoop)

HSM: 499 kcal
5 oz Carne Asada (flank steak)
1cup fresh homemade pico de gallo
1/8cup mexican blend cheese
1/2 cup spanish rice
65g avocado



  • made myself a borrito bowl with leftover carne asada and pico de gallo/avacodo/lime