Casein Hydrolysate


Hey everyone!! I have searched thru the forums and am sure this is answered somewhere so if it is please point mye in the right direction. So Mag-10 and Plazma both have the hydrolysate, but I want to make sure I use them to get the most out of them. Plazma would be the pre/intra drink and Mag-10 would be used any other time (like before bed)? Thanks!!!


Basically, yep, that’s a solid way to do it.

Plazma is designed to be the best workout nutrition, specifically for weight training, so having it right before-during-right after training is perfect.

Mag-10 is a different formula that’s a bit more flexible. It can be used for cardio workouts to help prevent muscle loss (Plazma is overkill for a cardio session because it has other ingredients better suited for lifting recovery and performance), as a protein pulse between meals, right after waking, or right before bed.

I usually have Mag-10 before bed myself (with creatine on non-lifting days). So, yeah, big fan of that approach.