Casein Highly Insulinogenic?


Some of the reading I’ve done lately has led me to some questions-

People (smart people) seem to have conflicting views about dairy and dairy protein derivatives as it coincides with fat loss, citing that whey and casein illicit large insulin responses (often times comparable to eating a brownie or snack cake).

My question involves whey/casein blends, specifically Metabolic Drive. Metabolic Drive is my lifeblood- I play tournament paintball and work in the paintball industry so I travel constantly and often find myself substituting shakes for meals when a low-carb, healthy option isn’t available. Because casein/whey illicit a high insulin response but don’t cause a spike in blood sugar, is it harming fat loss efforts in any way? Is the insulin hampering the body’s ability to burn stored fat or is it simply a function of needing to shuttle nutrients and amino acids into the cells? If it isn’t raising my blood sugar, why aren’t I going into hyperinsulinemic shock? (sympathetic glucagon response? Just taking a shot in the dark).

I guess I know from practice that, at least with me, Metabolic Drive deserves a lot of the credit for my six pack… I’m more curious from an information standpoint.

Some of the studies/posts I’ve been browsing over lately, for reference:


We tested it on ourselves. There is no big increase in insulin after drinking Metabolic Drive.


Cool! Thanks Chris!