Carrier's Quest to Cut

Today I start the V-Diet.

I have been training since 2007. 2007 and 2008 I was teaching myself how to lift correctly and experimenting with different protocols. Over that two year time span I went from 170lbs to 185lbs. A small gain, but I wasn’t eating enough and was doing too much other activity (martial arts). 2009 I really got my training in order using Starting Strength, and by the end of 2009 I weighted 195lbs. January and February 2010 I ate big and lifted big, and put on 16lbs, weighing now 211.

I accomplished my long term goal of surpassing 200lbs, but now need to cut away the belly that has been plaguing me since I was a kid.

My goal with the V-Diet is to see visible abs, and obviously not lose any of my hard earned muscle. I am going to live in Israel for half a year the day I finish the diet, so I need a good beach body to show off and get some of those beautiful Israeli women (plus get a tan).

Everything is in order and I will smash the fat like I do all of my obstacles.

Chest Upper:47
Chest Lower:44
Waist Navel:39
Waist Largest:39
Hips Largest:37
Upper Arm L:15
Upper Arm R:14
Upper Leg L:27
Upper Leg R:26.5
Lower Leg L:15
Lower Leg R:15
Ankle L:8.5
Ankle R:8.5

front relaxed

(how do I post multiple pics at once?)

Welcome Carrier…

Kick this things Ass!

Carrier - apparently if you download this program GIMP (just google the name) you can shrink pics down and load multiples at once.

I couldnt get it to work on my computer because my old OS doesnt support it…

side relaxed

Journal, Day 1

Today I followed the diet protocol, but I have yet to get flax. I will get it tomorrow before breakfast. I did a 20 min walk and will increase it tomorrow. Today was not a training day, this week will be Tu/Thur/Sat for lifting Challenge on Sunday, then next week I’ll do M/W/F (I am juggling a car and didn’t have it today to get to my gym).

I have some comments and questions I would like to put out to the community.

I just want some clarification about HOT-ROX, am I to take 1 pill twice a day (morning and afternoon) and then up to 2 pills twice a day? I took only 2 pills today and did feel the stimulatory properties associated with it.

I am coming off a bulk where I was eating big and taking 2 800 calorie weight gainer shakes per day, which were quite tasty. These shakes aren’t undrinkable like some powders, but aren’t treats either. I had to force myself to drink. I have the chocolate flavor Metabolic Drive, how do you all spice them up? I am not looking forward to them right now.

My ultimate goal is to get to 230lbs at 8%. I want to accomplish this by the time I am 24, so two and a half years. My body has ectomorphic characteristics, and in the past when my calories dip due to not eating enough or increase aerobic activity, my bodyweight rapidly drops, but keeps the same proportions. In other words, I just become a smaller version of myself, no reduction in bf%. I have been browsing others dieters logs and see a good amount of “shrinkage” cases. I am just concerned about this, any of your thoughts are welcome.

Currently I am working as a waiter at a restaurant. I am on my feet for about 4-6 hours per shift, briskly walking most of the time. Would this be considered or possible add to my NEPA? I have read that it is hard to overdue NEPA, but as I stated, I am prone to rapidly shrink when calories are low and I am on my feet for a chunk of the day.

And to track my strength levels over these 6 weeks, here are my current 1 rep maxes:

High Bar Oly Squat: 286lbs (just finished rehabbing an adductor injury from Bulgarian Split Squats that happened in Nov 09, so my strength should rapidly increase there)
Deadlift: 450lbs
Bench: 250lbs
Full Clean: 220lbs
Front Squat: 230lbs
Military Press:155lbs

and the pose pic is for fun

Journal, Day 2

Another one down. Today the shakes improved a tiny bit in taste, maybe my palette is adjusting. I felt a small but constant hunger throughout the day. The shakes would satisfy me for only about an hour, and then my hunger would gradually increase until the next feeding.

This is definitely a challenge and I just hope that it pays off in the end. I have been carrying a small amount of fat around my navel and on my chest since I was a boy and I want it off once and for all. Like I said earlier, in previous bouts of high activity and hypocaloric diets, I just shrink yet keep my fat distribution (imagine skinny fat). I am anxious to see that the V-diet doesn’t reduce me to that state.

100% diet compliance today, 35 min NEPA walk, 1st session of lifting done. I am using the advanced template and I slipped to 45 secs on some of my rest intervals after the overhead squat. I will be more mindful next time. Strength doesn’t feel lowered at all.

I added splenda to my breakfast shake…is this allowed?

Journal, Day 3:

I slept great this past night…I don’t know if it is diet related, but this is a journal so I’ll write what I feel.

I had my shakes every 2.5 to 3 hours apart. About to take my bedtime one in a few.

NEPA was my 4 hour shift at work.

Today seemed to fall more into a routine. It seems like ages ago since I ate real food but it has been not even 72hrs. My body feels strange…I am not starving, I have nutrients, but I am experiencing a constant lingering hunger.

I must have made a mistake when measuring my waist/hips Monday morning. I thought that was really large so I re-measured last night and my waist was 36in. If my waist was truly 39, the difference could be attributed colon cleansing or dropping water. I was supplementing creatine during my bulk so some water weight and roundness would be normal to lose.

I am already looking forward to my HSM…I am thinking a porterhouse steak, sweet potato, and lots of veggies, mmm maybe roasted asparagus (400F in oven for 20min, massaged in olive oil, salt and pepper) <–best recipe ever.

Yargh, eyes on the prize, six pack in Eilat!

Journal, Day 4:

I am adapting to the diet gradually. Today was easier than yesterday and so forth. That isn’t to say I am not hungry…I am. I have been eating clean and healthy, 5-6 meals per day since I was 13 or 14, so the cravings for good food are not new. I just really, really, really want to grill up a cow and some veggies. It will be so tasty on Saturday, I can imagine it now.

Today was the first day of 2, 2pill doses of HOT-ROX. I was gradually working my way up. The first day I felt the effects strongly, today not so much even with the large dose. I guess tolerance builds up quickly.

As for the physical side:

NEPA walk for 30mins

2nd training session: Weight I chose was correct for rep range, rest was on mark. A solid session all around, felt good to work faster.

1/7 done the hard part. One day at a time.

As for you all, dear T-Nation…

POST something! C’mon I am spilling my life right now to the unrevealed masses and no one is talking to me. Where is the community?

Journal, Day 5:

Protocol followed. 30min NEPA, shakes all in, HOT-ROX taken.

Tomorrow is my first HSM, I am pumped.

This is definitely getting easier day by day, I can already see a small reduction in the protrusion of my belly from the side view.

I am waiting for the day that I wake up and see the first glimmer of my abs shining through, what a glorious day that will be.

lurkers…stop lurking.

I basically mimicked the V-Diet last year using less expensive supps, because I was too broke(am now buying Biotest, so don’t hate). The diet is very sound and does work to drop weight, obviously, but I recently did another 1 month diet–except I used whole foods. Basically the traditional 40/30/30 C/P/F. My fats were from flax, omegas, eggs, coconut oil, and the occasional red meat. Carbs came from stone ground oats, fruits, and veggies. Protein sources were chicken breasts, egg whites, MD shakes after workouts and with oats.

This approach allowed me to keep workouts in the gym much more intense, feel full, and maintain more muscle while losing fat.

This post isn’t meant to bash the V-diet, but it goes to show that not all people respond the same. Best of luck to you. I’ll be following your progess.

Journal, Day 6:

Today was a long but fruitful day on the V-diet. I had my breakfast shake at 11 and then trained from 12:15-1:30. Training was intense, my legs are still a bit cramped from the frantic pace of the front squats. My whole body is sore to be honest, I was training for max strength beforehand so my body is used to a few minutes of rest between sets.

I immediately had my Surge and then shot off to train Ju-Jitsu and Muay Thai for two hours. I haven’t been fighting for a while and just coming off of lifting plus the low cals killed my endurance. I was very tired, but this training was just a one time thing so I won’t be burning too much in that regard. I did however, count that as my nepa, but the “n” doesn’t really apply.

Had two more shakes, then went grocery shopping for my HSM at whole foods. I cooked up a 1.5lb T-bone, a shit ton of roasted asparagus, a sweet potato, and a large salad. It was heavenly to say the least.

I did forget to take my second 2-pill dose of HOT-ROX today. When I remembered it was already 8:00 and I don’t want the energy effects this close to bedtime.

So pretty good so far. One more day and then I am done the first week, still don’t see much of a change my key fat areas (chest and spare tire region). It will come though. I hope.

Journal, Day 7:

One week done.

Today was tough. I haven’t trained hard in MMA for about 4 months since I wanted to bulk up and don’t gain weight if I practice martial arts regularly. Yesterday was a light session compared to normal, but I was really feeling it today. That and yesterday’s lifting session. My body is sore all over and the stride of my legs is noticeably reduced due to tightness in my hamstrings. Overall I felt like I need to rest all day.

But I had to do my V-burn and work, so I did. V-burn was pathetic, I was mentally and physically fatigued and the advanced protocol did me in. It took me 33:00 to do 5 rounds. I didn’t finish the last two. I cannot due ten handstand push ups, so I think next week I’ll drop to the intermediate V-challenge.

I got all my shakes and supps in…but man, I feel like I am in the grind right now. Looking back on the week I say to myself, “it wasn’t that bad”, but looking forward I say “fuck…another three weeks of these damned shakes?” I was idiotic and only order chocolate Metabolic Drive, and its not pleasurable to drink as of now. Especially the flax and superfood shakes, they really suck.

I already feel the food craving change. The salad I had yesterday was absolutely mind blowing, just chopped romaine, celery, carrots, onions, peperoncinis, parmesean cheese, and some caesar dressing. I am yearning for vegetables more than ever, and I have always liked vegetables.

Just three more weeks, 21 days. I have been fighting the fat I presently carry for 14 years. That is 5110 days of not being ripped. All I need to do is endure for 21 days, or 00.4% of the length of my fight.

I feel like I lost a battle today to the V-burn, but I will win the war.

Journal, Day 8:

Today was a good day.

Last night I crawled into bed around 11:30 and couldn’t get to sleep until around 2:30, even after taking 3 Z-12s. My heart was just beating hard and my mind was on, and I realized it was probably due to the 2 HOT-ROX I took yesterday at 7pm as my 2nd dose.

So today I took my doses at 7am and 1pm respectively, hopefully sleep will be plentiful. As for the diet today, no problems. My taste buds are becoming numb to the shakes, so they go down easier.

Today was the start of week two’s training.

I weighed myself and the result of the first week is that I am now 203.9lbs. That is 7 pounds lighter than last Saturday when I took the 211 lb measurement. It is a lot and a bit worrisome. I know that the majority of that weight is water and waste; from the lack of carbs and high fiber. So I am guessing a drop of 2 to 3 lbs. My strength doesn’t feel weakened so that leads me to think it is fat.

It is difficult to ascertain my progress since I look at myself everyday. I still have the belly and chest fat…but I do see a slight reduction when I really examine myself. Next week will tell much more, hopefully I’ll only go down 2-3 lbs, I don’t have much else to lose except fat and muscle.

Also next week I’ll take pics and measurements for a real status report.

I had trouble with the overhead squats. I am still working on my mobility and form, and couldn’t get a structural lock while going down into the hole. I am gonna do some research on the form and fix it up.

Dips were easy even with +5lbs from last week, due to the weight loss I assume.

I also got a sharp haircut that definitely leans me out a bit.

Lets get some discussion here guys, so many views and so little posts.

Everyone is exhausted and listless from the lack of carbs! LOL!!

[quote]scorpion69 wrote:
Everyone is exhausted and listless from the lack of carbs! LOL!![/quote]

yes, but that is why HOT-ROX is part of the program. Got to take your energy pills!

Journal, Day 9:

Another good day. Must be the weather. Had all my shakes and supps, took a long NEPA walk and worked.

I am juggling a car and won’t have access to it tomorrow. So I’ll have to do my 2nd and 3rd training sessions on Thursday and Saturday respectively. Gotta display adaptability.

I’m curious to those who have completed the V-diet, in what fashion did your results arrive? Was it a constant reduction week to week, or did they hit suddenly at some time? I am one quarter done the main phase, I hope I have not seen one quarter of the results because I still have much fat to drop.

Overall I feel good and ready to tackle the rest of this diet!

From looking at other V-Diets, it seems the most drastic loss comes in the last week, so hang tough. Looks like you’re doing well so far.

Journal, Day 10:

Another day done. Everything was followed except I didn’t take a second does of HOT-ROX, since I took the first at 1:00pm and was zinging after that.

Tomorrow is training.

I just keep on trucking.

Journal, Day 11:

Full diet compliance, all supps taken, NEPA walk walk’d, training in. My weights went up compared to last week but I wasn’t strict with the 40sec rest, dipping sometimes into 50secs or 1min. Honestly, I don’t think that matters much, as long as the numbers are going up.

Coming up on the end of week 2, I am thinking about what my 2nd HSM should be. Any suggestions?

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