Cardio on the V-Diet


For my job I need to conduct cardiovascular training on a regular basis. I would like to be able to run 2-2.5 miles, or complete a caloric expending equivalent WO on a bike or swimming. If I do this, should I have additional Plazma servings to help recovery? When should I time the Plazma? Also, what day should I do the workouts? My plan is to conduct cardio in the am and weights in the pm on the same day so I am still giving myself recovery days.

Why am I Gaining Weight on V-Diet?

Are these challenging workouts for you or are they something you can bang out with relatively low intensity and duration?

If they’re tough, I might do a scoop of Plazma during. If they’re a bit easier, you may be able to just do a scoop of Metabolic Drive before and after.

The added cardio workouts? Probably on non-lifting days. Hard cardio in the AM and weights in the evening can be tough to recover from on low carbs and low calories. I’d also drop the NEPA walks on days you do a cardio session.


The runs are short duration (15-20min) higher intensity (will hit a red zone HR), while cycling is longer duration (30 min) but lower intensity (yellow/Amber HR zone). Calorie wise I would be looking at 300-400 so I could easily use up the calories in a scoop of Plazma. Timing wise, it would be before my first shake, while my lifting would be 12 hours later.