Chris, I just read several articles Poliquin, T-Nation and also read metabolic diet, I’m going crazy, any advice about the amount of carbs for fat in the diet did not rise much (live in Brazil do not have access to supplements T -Nation), and if possible when consuming (I’m 16 1.68 tall 67kg)

heavy workout 5x a week the last 3 weeks I have been eating high carb and have had much the same gains, but the fat has risen a bit, I must lower kcal, or just lower carbs and slightly increase the fat? (2800kcal diet)
Almost forgot, have an opinion about mixing carbs and fat in a meal?

It’s okay to mix carbs and fats in thy same meal. Even the experts who popularized the idea of not doing that have backed off of it. As long as these are good fats and clean carbs, and not flour and transfats it’s not an issue.

Overall calories is an issue of course, so if you’re getting too fat, reduce a little. But don’t sacrifice muscle gains by eating too little. You need roughly 500-800 calories over maintenance for optimal muscle gains. More won’t lead to faster muscle gains, and below maintenance won’t lead to much muscle gain.

Don’t get your carbs from wheat either. Choose better sources, like rice and potato.

Start there before you get too drawn into manipulating macros. You’re 16, no need to worry about these things just yet. Just get plenty of protein and quality fats and carbs, no junk.

Thanks Chriss, I placed 250kcal above maintenance level and have had good gains … I have been “paleo” except by malto / dextrose and occasionally rice noodles … and unfortunately some ppm processing crusader in my creatine … . : (

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