Carbs Around Breakfast


Other than puffed rice cereal mixed with almond milk and protein
or steel cut oats mixed with portein,

Any other idea’s that are quick and easy for breakfast.
Gluten Free Waffles, chia seed gluten free bread? Trying to avoid eating the same foods over and over again.


Oatmeal, cream of buckwheat (my favorite), Rice n’ Shine (rice grits), flaked quinoa, and cream of rice are all great and microwave easily. All of those flavor up nicely with Metabolic Drive. And you can really change the flavor with different flavored protein. I like vanilla with cinnamon, chocolate with a few nuts on top, and banana Metabolic Drive with a handful of mixed berries.

You can get all those at a health food store, but even Walmart is carrying some of them now with more and more people avoiding wheat.

The pre-made GF waffles and breads are okay, but some can contain some not-so-great ingredients. But they’re fine in a pinch, occasionally.

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