Carbolin 19®

Stacey asks:

I am thinking about trying Carbolin 19® while I wait for Hot-Rox® Extreme. Is this supplement better for men or doesn’t it matter? Should this supplement be cycled?

This article talks about several studies discussing how both men and women can benefit from the key ingredient in Carbolin 19. Men can reap the test-boosting benefits, but everyone will get the lean muscle-building and fat-burning benefits.

It can be taken consistently, just stick to the label recommendations for dosing.

I have been using carbolin 19 and think it is dehydrating me because I am urinating continually. Is this a possibility? Do I take it on an empty stomach or after a meal? I also take a thyroid pill for low thyroid and I’m wondering if I should not be taking both of these at the same time? I am taking 100 mcg of Levothyroxine daily

There’s no reason why it would. I haven’t heard of those being connected.

Meal timing won’t significantly affect it, so whichever works best for you to stick with consistently is fine.

The safest idea would be to check with your doctor anytime you’re on prescriptions. The main ingredient in Carbolin 19 has been shown to stimulate thyroid activity, so the effects may potentially overlap. Consider getting some baseline bloodwork to monitor how your levels are affected.