Carbolin 19

I have been using the product for about 2 months, and I would say that I am as lean as I have ever been at this weight, and the product likely has a lot to do with that.

My question is this 6 hours gap it says between doses, is that an arbitrary #? I generally take my supplement when I wake up, which means on many days the next does comes when I am in class. I have no problem with taking it then, I just don’t like taking pills in front of people because I think they would assume I am not natural.

Also should the dosage be calibrated towards bodyweight?


Great to hear.

Not arbitrary as much as it has to do with maximizing absorption and effectiveness from multiple doses. If it’s not 6 hours on the dot, and you’re plus or minus an hour or so, not a big deal. If you pushed it to, say, 8-12 hours between doses, then you’d potentially reducing the efficiency.

Average Joe thinks that most guys who have any degree of visible muscularity or demonstrable strength are probably on something. Average Joe sucks and what he thinks doesn’t matter.

There’s sort of built-in wiggle room in the recommended serving. 1-2 caps 1-2 times per day. Most not-skinny adult males tend to take the max, two caps twice a day. Smaller-framed guys and girls could scale that down as needed.

I carry around a pretty big vitamin case for my vitamins, Indigo, Micro, Flameout, Curcumin, etc., and I can’t imagine anyone seeing me take some pills thinks I’m on drugs, if they ask I just say they’re vitamins. I did recently have someone accuse me of being on the juice, but I take it as a sign of progress lol. If you know you’re natural, who cares what others think?


I look at it from another perspective. Because I am in law school, I don’t want to be any question about whther or not I am involved in anything illegal. It is about professionalism.

I get what you mean about the image totally. But if people see you take pills why do you think they’d assume you’re taking illegal drugs rather than vitamins or medicine?

Depends on who I saw taking it. What they looked like.

Soooo… tuttle is saying that he looks like someone that people would assume are taking illegal drugs instead of vitamins?! Ha!!

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