Why is the recommended dosage Carbolin 19 a maximum of 4 per day? I take six a day currently and feel great, what negative effects will possibly happen? What will be the mechanism? Will there be increased harmful cAMP levels in my body?

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There is no harm to six capsules per day, at least not if divided into at least two doses per day. I would not take 6 capsules at a time. I don’t have specific information on harm but I would consider that dose unreasonable and unproven.

Two capsules twice per day is an effective dose and for most there is little further improvement from increasing further, so it’s the recommended maximum. It doesn’t represent an absolute limit.



I take my 4 Alpha Male tabs all at once each day (5 on and then 2 off). Since they contain Carbolin 19, is that a bad plan? I seem to take so many supplements, that it is hard to schedule 2 x 2tab doses of Alpha Male on an empty stomach.

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It’s okay regarding the Carbolin 19. On the effectiveness of the Eurycoma longifolia, I don’t have the information as to whether it works comparably well that way as opposed to divided doses.


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I can tell you why!

I am extremely sensitive to stimulants due to preexisting conditions with PTSD/Trauma and Anxiety. Even a light stimulant like Carbolin-19 gets me at the maximum listed dosage.

It works great alright!!! However I feel like I am on ADD meds or something of the like…

Not everyone is the same in this respect, and I am certainly not a normal subject. I think it would be irresponsible for someone to just jump into the maximum dosage without ramping up. Biotest is looking out for people’s best interest by being conservative in their dosing. Now this doesn’t mean that you may not be able to handle it and ramp up to 6 capsules, but not everyone can.

Unless I decide to take anxiety medication for the day, which I don’t take everyday ideally, I would not take more than 1 pill per day personally.

Now with that being said it’s a great appetite suppressant, test booster, and fat burner (I can literally feel my fat cells activated)!!! I lift quite a bit, but train more for fighting sports where being lean is preferable to having insane mass.

For instance I used to take Tribuluus T quite frequently, but I found that a month in that the build up would be too much for me to handle and I would ramp down to baseline levels in my system. Unfortunately that’s why I haven’t tried Alpha Male, which looks amazing by the way, yet. Actually what I would really love to try is Indigo-3G but it’s just not in the budget right now.