Carbolin 19

Hey Chris,

I remember back in the day of version 1.0, if stimulants weren’t your thing, as in the case with myself, we could take the Carbolin-19 for a little boost. Is this still true? I notice in the guide it recommends Se7en, but doesn’t look like it’s in the store, or at least I must have missed it. Advice, sir?


Sur, Carbolin-19 is still a great choice for a V-Diet, either during or after (or both). Powerful stuff, but a bit more of a long term approach as the results occur immediately but may not be noticed right away. That’s fine, it’s just some people get so used to “feeling” a stimulant-based fat burner that Carbolin-19 isn’t as noticeable in that regard, yet it’s certainly doing great things.

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