Carbolin-19 With or Without Food?


Does it matter if you take carbolin19 with it without food?


Nope, either way is fine. Food shouldn’t affect it significantly one way or the other.



  1. started taking Carbolin-19 and my nipples are a little sensitive - does this happen with other people too?
  2. the instructions say not to take it with medications, is this a blanket statement for all supps, or does it matter with this one in particular?



I haven’t noticed anything like that. I took hot rox (which contains carbolin) for 3 months and now been taking carbolin-19 on it’s own for about a month. Love the product. Haven’t had that issue though, myself. I’m also not on any type of medication.


I haven’t heard of that happening, no. Carbolin 19 can boost Test levels, which can affect natural estrogen levels, so getting your bloodwork is a good idea in general for a dude your age (said with all due respect, of course) to make sure you’re not already flirting with above normal E.

A little of both. It’s always best to be extra cautious with all supplements when you’re on any prescription meds. Forskolin, in particular, has been shown to lower blood pressure, so if you’re on hypertension medication, you risk a type of “overlap” in effects.


Thanks for the info