Carbolin 19 vs. Micro-PA

Curious Chris asks:

I’m a hard gainer that has slowly changed his shape and strength. Why should someone choose Carbolin 19 over Micro-PA and vice versa?

They’re two different supplements that work towards two different-but-kinda-similar goals.

Micro-PA basically tells your body “hey, you know weight lifting builds muscle, right? So, build muscle!” A byproduct of that muscle gain is less body fat and more strength.

Carbolin 19 is more like telling your body “Sure would be great if we could trade some of this body fat for muscle, so let’s do that.” So it works more in line with body recomposition, not so directly muscle-building.

If you’re a hardgainer (which is a tricky term with a lot of variables), I’d go towards Micro-PA. Paired with a good nutrition plan (like this simple approach) and the right training (focused on time-tested “bodybuilding” intensity and volume, not so much strength-focused lifting, like this’d be perfect), you should put on some good size.

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