Carbolin 19 vs HOT-ROX

Hey Chris, I’ve been taking Indigo along with MAG-10 and Plazma for the past 8 weeks. I do have an Indigo log, I just don’t update it as often as I should(hard to find someone to take pics).

So far I lost about 2-3 inches off my waist, but I still have a lot of belly fat to lose before I even start to see abs. I take in 1 gr of protein per lb of body weight, fat is at about 0.4 per lb and the rest comes from carbs, 200-225 on workouts and 150ish on off days.

Loss of body fat seems to have stagnated the past few weeks and I don’t want to take protein out since it is pretty much at the bare minimum. Do you think I would benefit more from taking Carbolin 19 or would HOT-ROX be a better option?

<a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX Extreme is more of a dedicated fat burner, and it contains <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19, so HOT-ROX would probably be the best choice for your needs.

I saw a sample of your daily meal choices in another thread and they look solid. Still, look around for “holes” in your plan, just in case. Sometimes this can be alcohol intake or calories sneaking in in unexpected places. Also, I’ve seen people lose more fat by adding carbs to an Indigo-3G plan, so don’t discount that. Remember, we’ve had people lose 100 pounds of fat on Indigo by eating 300g carbs per day from clean sources. (Though it is faster/easier for the very overweight to lose fat faster than the guy just fine-tuning.)

But in the end, HOT-ROX will do the trick, and if you’re not already, consider adding some short conditioning sessions in a few days per week. See my guidelines at the end of this blog: Oftentimes, more activity is better than fewer calories or carbs.

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