Carbolin 19 Usage

stephanie1 asks:

I recently ordered Carbolin 19 and I was wondering if I could take it along with my pre-workout when I go to the Gym? I’ve also been taking creatine “Alkyline” and was wondering if that was still ok to take with Carbolin as well? Also, I do a lot of Olympic Weightlifting & Crossfit and I teach cardio Classes at a local Gym, so I workout 3-4hrs a day. Would it be safe to up my dose of Carbolin to 2 pills morning and 2 pills later in the day?

Depends a little on what’s in the “pre-workout” since a lot of them are kitchen sink formulas, but it should be fine. Just double-check that whatever else you’re taking doesn’t contain Carbolin 19 or forskolin.

Should be fine.

The recommended dose is up to two caps twice a day, so that’s totally fine and right in line with what most people do.

But if you’re basically working out for 3-4 hours a day at work, Surge Workout Fuel would be a better choice to actually get you through the day and be ready to go full throttle in your own training.

Thank you for the information!!

Should Carbolin 19 be taken on non-training days as well as training days?

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