Carbolin 19 to Improve Body Composition

I have a few questions about Carbolin 19:
The first is, is this a supplement that would affect my ability to compete as a natural bodybuilder?

Second, I read in one of the other posts that it is best used while dieting for maximum effect, since I can tell it is more a fat loss supplement than a muscle gaining one, though it also has that result. I have recently restarted school, and from past experience school ends up giving me the Freshmen 50, and I can see my appetite has already picked up, at least in the beginning. So would this supplement help me to perhaps maintain body weight while changing composition in these circumstances?

Third, what is the recommended amount (duration) to use for a first-timer?

Carbolin 19 should not effect your ability to compete as a natural bodybuilder. It does not contain any illegal or banned substances. However, just as a blanket warning for everything, it is always best to check with your organization or governing body first.

Carbolin 19 is an overall body composition supplement. Meaning, it helps you drop fat while also adding muscle. In the presence of additional calories (your school diet), it should help you add mostly lean mass, while keeping unwanted fat gain under control. Now, remember, you gotta keep your diet in check too! You can’t just go wild because school.

Since the participants in the study used forskolin for 12 weeks, that would probably be a good starting point. You could even try eight weeks at first if budget constraints are an issues, but you’ll definitely want to use it for at least six weeks to see maximum benefits. And that goes for most supplements. Too many people toss back a new supplement for all of two weeks, and then proceed to proclaim it junk because it didn’t turn them into the Olympia champion.

Congrats on going back to school! Carbolin 19 is a great supplement, I took it on my prep and compete in tested circuits, definitely no problem for a natural competitor.

@SBT is on point. The effect of supplements like Carbolin 19 or other fat burners are really only noticed when all other aspects of training and nutrition are in line and consistently executed. Just based on your question, it seems like you’re anticipating weight gain but are hoping that this supplement will curb body fat and hopefully help you recomp, which honestly it probably won’t, UNLESS you’re training hard with consistency and the additional food you’re eating is clean, and also not going TOO far over your TDEE. I don’t think it’ll help you maintain bodyweight if you’re eating a caloric surplus, but it could certainly help you put the weight where you want it if you’re not eating too much extra.

Just as an example, only because when we hear “freshman 50” or something like that, we typically associate extra calories coming from low quality food/junk food. So, let’s say your TDEE is 2600, and you eat 3000, getting the extra cals from some chicken and potatoes or something like that, and you’re training regularly, you should notice more positive benefits from Carbolin 19 and be able to put on more LBM and less fat. If your TDEE is 2600 and you eat 3500-4000, getting the extra calories from poor quality sources, you wouldn’t be getting much benefit. At that caloric surplus, ANY food source will probably result in additional adipose fat.

Something that may help you more would be Indigo 3Gif you’re not already taking it. Train hard and eat up on good clean food and carb sources, this nutrient repartitioner will do a better job of getting more LBM packed on. But again, even Indigo won’t make a difference if you’re training and diet isn’t in line. It can certainly be tough at school to get good quality foods, but if you can load up on best “bang-for-your-buck” carb sources like oats, cream of rice, even whole grain bagels or pasta or potatoes, that would be the best way to ensure quality gains.

When I am not strictly dieting I do not have a lot of control over my diet, we don’t eat junk food, we eat what my wife cooks. But for this semester at least she will be working too, so together with 2 kids and school (the degree is law, not like transgender studies and colonialism or something that does not take up any time) I don’t think I will be able to eat like I do when I am dieting. I plan to train 3x a week, and likely with more common than usual intense workouts. I did not do a reverse diet, so my metabolism is screwed up, and even eating a little more than I should, gives me like a 3 pound gain from just one day. And I mean, just a little. I plan to order the product tonight.

I hear ya man on the big scale fluctuations day to day. I could have done a stricter reverse but didn’t, certainly learned a good lesson for next time. Didn’t go overboard but could have taken things a little slower. I think Carbolin will definitely be helpful during this time.

Training 3x a week is a great schedule during a busy time, typically I take on a 3x a week schedule a few months every year in winter and early spring. After going through it, the biggest issue I saw with it was it didn’t allow me the nutritional “buffer” that a 5 or 6 day split does. Training days I could eat up on a 3x a week schedule, but the other days I really had to reel in carbs and cut calories a little more to keep things on track. A crazy schedule doesn’t make it any easier with school, whatever you can do meal prep wise may help also.

Also, something that’s been helping lately, and I mean something I’ve tried only for the past couple of weeks, is lowering protein to about 1.1 - 1.2g per pound of bodyweight instead of the usual 1.5g. Since I’m getting more carbs now in the off season the extra protein really isn’t needed. I’ve found I’m less bloated/retaining less water and don’t have the big scale fluctuations I’m used to. I was getting between 220-230g protein a day. Now it’s about 180 (bodyweight 160).

If you’re able to give a little update every now and then, it would be really interesting to see how it’s working out! Best of luck bro.

I would likely put my updates in the bodybuilding forum where I have a thread going. I got my wife to agree to make me set meals for my day with a heavy class workload, so this should help for keeping things under control. Delivery is expected Thurs.

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