Carbolin 19 & Surge - Female

  • I’m up at 4:15 a.m
  • at the gym at 5:05
  • Lifting & doing some cardio acceleration between sets instead of resting. I want to get lean and keep/build muscle. Currently trying to keep carbs at 80 grams per day for the next few weeks.

Can I get a suggestion on supps / food intake peri workout?

I just bought & received yesterday: Carbolin 19 and Surge workout formula

Would something like this be a good plan?

Upon waking: 1 scoop Metabolic Drive protein, caffeine pill (about 200mg i think), green tea extract pill, Carbolin 19

15 min prior to workout: start sipping 1 serving Surge. (would it be beneficial to add creatine?)

Intra workout: finish Surge

Post workout (within an hour): 1 scoop MetDrive or 1st meal

Thank you in advance!

Not sure what you mean by “cardio acceleration”. I’m also a big, big fan of supersets, active recovery, and minimizing actual “rest” between sets, but just make sure that whatever you’re doing doesn’t interfere with being able to still hit the lifting with intensity.

Two things jump out. First, that’s a substantial hit of caffeine between the straight caffeine tab and the green tea extract. You know your tolerance better than I do, but one or the other would probably be fine.

Secondly, I’m not a big fan of Metabolic Drive so close before a workout. It’s designed to be a slower digesting protein, so you may run into some overlap having it just about a half-hour before the Surge Workout Fuel.

Do you think you could do the workout just on the Surge, without the Metabolic Drive before? I’d try either starting the SWF 20-30 minutes before the session or, if it’s feasible for you, swap that morning Metabolic Drive for Mag-10 (much faster protein, very low carb).

The meal or Metabolic Drive an hour or so after training is fine.

Also, there’s no problem at all adding creatine to the Surge. You’re good to go with that.

Thank you for the response!

Cardio Acceleration - just mean I’m doing something to keep the heart rate up and burn calories between sets: run in place, jump squats, step ups, etc. It’s not something I normally do. But, actually I’m finding it pretty fun for a change of pace. I’m following a 6 week “shred program”. So, its just a temporary routine.

This morning I woke and took only 2 Carbolin 19 pills. Then started Surge 15 min prior to workout. I felt weak and had ZERO gas in the tank. Not sure if it was the lack of caffeine or food or the fact that I’m only on day 3 of eating so low in carbs.

I will try 1 caffeine source tomorrow and see how that goes. I’ll purchase some Mag-10 to give that a try. But, it will be a couple weeks before I can order. With that in mind and trying to stay at 80g carbs per day, perhaps a whey isolate when I wake up? Perhaps starting the Surge a little sooner as you suggested will work. Between Surge, veggies and some nuts, those carbs add up quick! :weary:

Yeah, that’s a lot of changes all at once, so it’s tricky to narrow down one as “the cause”. Do your best to power through. Whey would be a good choice in the meantime, but the casein hydrolysate in Mag-10 will definitely be a notch above when you can get it. This article talks about pros, cons, and differences between the protein types.

Bah, carbs from veggies don’t “really” count. Go hog wild with the celery, cucumbers, and peppers. :wink:

Not sure why or how you settled on 80g, but 100g carbs is generally good enough and low enough to still see fat loss progress while fueling hard training. Discussed more in this article.

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