Carbolin 19® Stack

Justin asks:

Your Carbolin 19® product looks legit. Could you tell me more about it and is there anything that would stack well with it?

Forskolin, the main ingredient, has a ton of research supporting its effects on building muscle, burning fat, and increasing Testosterone. This is one article talking about it, this is another, and there are more than a few others.

Plenty of stuff, depending on your goal. It’s designed to work great on its own, but it’s actually part of the formula in both Hot-Rox (a fat burner) and Alpha Male (a Testosterone booster). So if you wanted to emphasize either of those, you could stack them together, just adjust the dosage and/or timing to avoid taking both in the same day.

For example, you might take Hot-Rox on training days and Carbolin 19 on non-training days. Or Alpha Male five days a week and Carbolin 19 the other two.

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