Carbolin 19, REZ-V and Indigo-3G Question

Hey Chris,

I have a couple of questions regarding taking these three at the same time.

  1. From best I can tell, from browsing through the forums and seeing other, similar (but none that matched this stacking) stack questions, that this SHOULD be ok, but I wanted to ask. Is this stack a good idea?

  2. What would you suggest for timing for these? Should I separate the Carbolin 19/REZ-V by any amount of time? The Indigo dose will be at about 5:00pm as I’m about to leave work and head to the gym each day.

I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you have on this one, even beyond what I’ve posed in question form.


  1. I need to double check with Tim Patterson, but for a while we were not recommending taking Indigo-3G at the same time as REZ-V, just in case there some interference. You can use them in the same day but keep them separated by a few hours. This is just out of an abundance of precaution.

  2. Carbolin-19 is fine with Indigo-3G. Just follow the label directions on each. Carbolin does not need to be separated from REZ-V.

Awesome, thanks for checking into it for me, Chris. I appreciate it.

Another question, related then: would it be beneficial to take my second dose of Carbolin 19 post workout or before?

The I3G and REZ-V is a ‘just in case’, I may not even be going back on I3G (I ran the full dose time frame and then about a year after that on 6/day and I was never really ‘fat prone’ to begin with, so I’m not worried about that end so much, my system has handled carbs just fine since I stopped taking it, but I do have a supply leftover from before to use up (a friend is taking it as well, so I can just give it to him if I don’t take it) and if I do decide to, I wanna make sure I’m not messing up in any capacity). So, we’ll see, but I definitely am appreciative of the effort for the information.

Carbolin-19 does not have to time to match workout times. Just follow the label directions.

Perfect. Thanks again!

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