Carbolin-19 Real World

Carbolin has obviously had some staying power since first released. Do the real world results for most users map to the Anavar/Forskolin study posted with the original artical?

I have been taking Carbolin-19 for a while (on and off a couple years) and am currently taking it on my contest prep daily. I’ve never taken Anavar or any assistance, but my observations on how I react to Carbolin 19, especially now that I’m taking it consistently, is I notice I feel better and look tighter/harder more consistently. Especially in a prep when testosterone can tank and lethargy kicks in, Carbolin 19 is a staple of my morning. Highly recommended!

Appreciate the feedback. Good luck with the contest!

I’m 51 yrs old, 6’1-205ish. My bf is holding around 14%–mostly stufforn fat areas. In a perfect world it would be great to recomp i.e. 14lb swing…Lose 7 gain 7 and get my bf down to 10%. I do not gain fat easily; however, at my age, it is super challenging to strip the stubborn fat. In other words, the 12 week study results would correlate to exactly what I’m trying to achieve.

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