Carbolin 19, Quick Effectiveness?


Hello again,

Decided to make another thread in case my other one didn’t get noticed, but:

Is it possible that after 2 days Carbolin 19 has already begun “working” in terms of aesthetics on my body?

I can’t tell if I look miraculously bigger in just 2 days, or if I just haven’t had a slim-fitting dress shirt that fits me perfectly in the past 5 months, or if my traps are swollen from yesterdays workout. . .

but I notice a slight change after trying on a new shirt with an athletic cut. (I’ve been losing body fat since january, to give some perspective).



I wouldn’t expect visible increase in contractile protein (the strength-providing component of muscle) in just 2 days; ordinarily I’d give that a month to evaluate with Carbolin 19. However, in terms of how your muscles are functioning, how full they might be, a quick effect is possible, with workout stimulus.