Carbolin 19 Questions

My main goal is fat loss and I’m currently using Indigo 3G, Plazma, and MAG-10 for my workout nutrition. As an out-of-shape fat guy though, my workouts are necessarily less intense than most other T-Nation members. I was recently reading an article about Carbolin 19 which said that it speeds metabolism, causes lbm gains and fat loss even when not exercising, and works even better when combined with exercise.

Some other posts I’ve read about it also said that it’s good for slow and steady fat loss, which is what I’m trying to do. So my question is whether Carbolin 19 would be a good addition to my regimen.

Also, I currently take a 1 hour walk before breakfast following Dr. Lowery’s advice to take 1/2 a caffeine tablet before and to drink MAG-10 during the walk. My understanding is that cAMP levels are elevated when sleeping and that taking caffeine helps to keep those levels elevated during the walk.

As Carbolin 19 works by elevating cAMP levels, would it make sense to take it instead of the caffeine pill in the morning?

Finally, would taking Carbolin 19 now make HOT-ROX work less effectively if I were to take it at a later date?

<a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19 would make an excellent addition, especially since it works via different mechanisms than the other supplements you’re using. As you probably read here: …it’s a more “subtle” supplement, but with very potent cumulative effects.

You could take it instead of the caffeine or in addition to it. You may want that little caffeine bump first thing in the morning. Now, some people find Carbolin 19 mildly stimulatory so you may not need the anything extra.

Taking Carbolin 19 now would not make later usage of Hot-Rox ineffective. Hot-Rox works via a combo of ingredients, and while one of them in Carbolin 19 that’s fine since Carbolin is a supplement that’s best used for an extended period of time. So switching over the Hot-Rox would really just be like extending your Carbolin 19 cycle, which is great.

Great. Thanks for your help.

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