Carbolin-19 Questions

crowbar46 asks:

I have a couple of questions about Carbolin 19. In the write-up it states that the duration of action is 12 hrs., yet the directions say to consume your second dose 6 hrs. after the first. Why not 12hrs. after the first dose if that’s the compounds duration of action?

Secondly, I can’t read the warning label on the bottle by the pictures, but if I remember correctly it states not to consume Carbolin 19 with any other stimulants. Is this because Carbolin 19 raises cAMP levels, and as such could potentiate the effects of adrenaline via its action as a second messenger? Has anyone ever reported problems with the simultaneous use of Carbolin 19 and stimulants (either at the same time, or within the same day)?

Lastly, is there any problem with exceeding the limit of 4 caps/day? Do you think there would be any benefit? I have no intention of doing this right now, but I would like any insight into this should I decide to try this at some later point.

Sorry for the delay, crowbar46. We wanted to talk to Tim Patterson himself to get you the most accurate answer.

For most compounds, it’s not optimal to plot dosing at the duration-of-action endpoints. The same is true for Carbolin 19, which is why we recommend the overlapping dosing schedule.

As far as potential stimulants go, Carbolin 19 has been shown to be well tolerated by most people. And we do have consumers who stack it with other stimulants. Hot-Rox Extreme also contains the active ingredient in Carbolin 19 (forskolin carbonate), as well as other stimulants in its formula.

Lastly, we don’t recommend taking more than 4 capsules per day due to the fact that forskolin is a vasodilator and can lower blood pressure.

Currently, Biotest has four formulas that contain forskolin carbonate:

<a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male
<a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19
<a href=""target=“new”>Fahrenheit
<a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX Extreme

We recommend that you take only one of these products at a time, and follow the directions on the label. We also recommend that you take no other product containing forskolin while taking these products.

Lastly, stimulant tolerance is very individualized, and you need to evaluate your personal tolerance to taking other non-forskolin stimulants with Carbolin 19.

Thanks very much for the detailed response. Since I’m doing more of a recomp than an outright cut, I think Carbolin 19 will compliment my goals very well. I’m 8 weeks into CT’s layers for fat loss and have done very well overall; but now it’s time to take it up a notch and add a barbell complex day as a 6th conditioning day, and maybe drop calories just a tad.

Again, thanks for the detailed answer.


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