Carbolin 19® or Indigo-3G® or Both?

trldg asks:

What is the difference between Carbolin 19 and Indigo-3G? Why use one over the other? Can both be used together and why or why not?

They’re two totally different supplements with different ingredients.

Carbolin 19 helps the body preserve and build mass even when dieting. Indigo-3G works as a nutrient partitioner, sort of telling the body how to best use carbs for fuel instead of letting them turn into body fat.

You could definitely use them together if your goal was to drop fat and build muscle (which is, like, everyone’s goal. So yeah). Using one other the other would depend on your exact goal and your current condition, also your diet and training a little bit.

If you’re already pretty lean and looking to drop down to legit-shredded, Carbolin 19 might be the better choice between the two since it focuses on muscle preservation. If you’re carrying some bodyfat and looking to lean up, Indigo-3G would be the priority since it would improve insulin sensitivity and allows a lifter to include more good carbs in their diet (which can be tricky when carrying fat and trying to cut), the carbs fuel harder training, the harder training brings better results.

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