Carbolin 19 + non-HOT-ROX Fat Burner?

When I started the V-Diet (just finished my 4 weeks, starting two week transition today) HOT-ROX was not available so I ordered Carbolin 19. As I was running out of Carbolin 19 I realized there would be a gap in my supply and I started taking a different fat burner that I had previously purchased linked below. Now that I have both, I’m wondering if there’s any reason not to dose both whether simultaneously or at different points of the day (ie A at 8, B at 11, A at 2, B at 5).

From what I can tell there’s nothing contraindicative and no reason to worry, but thought I’d see if combining them is “V-Diet approved.”

Apparently can’t do the link I included so here’s a picture of the supplement label.

I can’t recommend any other product than what we used to test the V-Diet. But I do not recommend using two fat burners at the same time, just in case. Also, I don’t recommend appetite suppressants in general, which that supplement contains. No need to blunt these basic biological feedback mechanisms. Better to understand how the body works.

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