Carbolin 19, Indigo-3G, and Other Supps in My Plan


Hi Chris,

I wanted to hear your advice on the current supplement schedule I am on and what I am planning to start. I have been taking Carbolin-19 and Indigo-3G every day for about 3 months now and have been using Plazma and Mag-10 for my training sessions. I also use metabolic drive, superfood, and Flameout in between meals.

I am wanting to switch off Indigo-3G and try Micro-PA again while staying on Carbolin-19. I also wanted to try Rhodiola to help fight fatigue and try z-12 to help get some quality sleep. I plan to keep using Palzma, Mag-10, Metablic Drive, superfood and Flameout.

My question being are all of these products compatible with which other? Or could some have negative effects on others? I just want to make sure to maximize the effects of each product. Also, I have heard/read great things about Surge workout fuel. Could this be something to try instead of Plazma?

Any advice would be great.



Hoping to get a response soon so I can order product. Should I post in a new category?


Just be aware that Indigo and Micro-PA aren’t similar, so it’s not like you’re subbing one for the other and getting the same effect. People have taken them both at the same time, because they work differently. I usually say Indigo-3G is slightly more targeted for fat loss, Micro-PA is slightly more targeted for building muscle, so it depends on what your specific priority is.

Yep, everything you’ve mentioned so far is fine to use together. The only possible “issue” would be taking Indigo and Superfood at the same time, like literally at the same time, because high concentrations of antioxidants could potentially interfere with Indigo. Taking them at different times in the same day is no problem at all.

Other than that, everything else would do it’s job just fine. There’s no crossover or redundancy.

Surge Workout Fuel actually has some of the same ingredients as Plazma, and is often suggested as workout nutrition when Plazma doesn’t work for someone’s budget. It’s also better for longer workouts or endurance-type work. But for regular lifting, given the choice between Plazma or Surge Workout Fuel, Plazma is Sinatra. SWF is Dean Martin.


Thanks Chris. Ya I actually was taking for awhile before I read your reply on another post that explained the difference between the two. I am looking to put on mass so I do not think Indigo-3g is the best for me choice right now.