Carbolin 19® Effects on Older Guys

Allan asks:

Do you guys have any information on the effects (and side-effects) of this product on older guys? I’m 69, in basically good shape and good health, have a testosterone level at the high end of the normal benchmark (standard is for a lean 40 year old).

I’d like to lose a little belly fat and maintain my strength and shape for as long as possible.

There really shouldn’t be any additional concerns due to your age – or concerns at all, really – with Carbolin 19.

Are you on TRT at all? Either way, Carbolin 19 is very useful during periods of focusing on body recomposition.

Thanks for your response.
I’m not on TRT or any other kind of supplement, just have naturally very high testosterone, especially for my age.
I don’t have much fat to lose, but I’d like to if I can, and it seems that this may help.

Yep, Carbolin 19 can definitely be a good choice for your situation. It’s not influenced by age, so that’s not really a factor. As long as your training and nutrition is in order, it would be a good addition. Its effects on muscle preservation could also be a big benefit for you, so good call.

Although, workout nutrition (having the right protein and carbs during workouts) is more of a “base layer” supplement and is usually a better first step regardless of goal.

Thanks, Chris.

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