Carbolin 19 During PCT

I’m currently on a post-cycle and looking at Carbolin 19, and other possibilities, to help keep gains. I would like to know if there is any reason not to use during my cycle. If so, what might you recommend, in an individual supp or stack?

Thanks, and looking forward to trying y’all out!

Not totally comfortable giving steroid advice in any regard, but there’d be nothing wrong with using Carbolin 19 as part of your PCT since it’s obviously unrelated to whatever else you’re running and will only support your body’s natural levels.

Really though, I’d go for a stack of Alpha Male (once it’s back in stock) and Rez-V to give your body every chance to normalize test:estrogen levels. Alpha Male actually contains a dose of Carbolin 19’s main ingredient, and Rez-V is a resveratrol extract which works as a natural anti-estrogen.

It’s actually the exact combo I used to go from clinically low T levels up into low-normal range, so I can only imagine it’d have a comparable effect during PCT.

Thanks Chris_Colucci for stepping out there! Much appreciated. I’ll heed your recommendations.

(FYI, if it makes a difference, it’s all been mainstream consumer-level product)


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