Carbolin 19 and Testosterone

Reading through the Carbolin 19 information, I found that it states the supplement will not shrink the testicles. If this needs to be stated, is it implied that Carbolin 19 boosts testosterone? Otherwise, why mention its effect, or lack thereof, on the testicles?

Is Carbolin 19 in the same ball field as other testosterone boosters? I’m assuming its more along the lines of a natural T-booster, given the clarification above. I’d just like a little more information. Also, when it states it’s “a step above natural,” is it implying an “edge” akin to something like a steroid/pro-hormone? If one takes Carbolin 19 for a few months, is that person still considered “natural?”

I’m just confused. . . Any help?

Thanks, everyone.

We have an article coming up soon that digs into the newest research on the active ingredient in <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19. Here’s a snippet:

  • Forskolin’s thyroid stimulating strength has been compared to thyrotropin or TSH.

  • Forskolin caused male subjects in a 12-week trial to experience a 16.77% increase in total Testosterone.

  • Forskolin increases the metabolism, burns fat, breaks down triglycerides, and increases lean body mass.

Carbolin-19 will not cause a failed drug test and it’s not a “pro-hormone” or steroid.

That’s great news Chris thanks

Yes that is good news. I do have another question, though. Since it increases metabolism, what happens when the subject comes off the product? Does it “revert” to a previous state or will there be some other effects?

Since Carbolin-19 increases muscle mass, the user’s metabolism should be higher after usage (assuming the person trains, eats well etc. of course.)

I see. The only thing that confuses me is why the information for Carbolin 19 specifies no negative effects on the testicles whereas this isn’t mentioned with a product like Alpha Male, unless I’m wrong of course, though I don’t recall such statements. As long as the product is safe it doesn’t matter so much, just wondering why a natural test booster would have to include that the gonads will be safe and unaffected, unless there was reason to believe otherwise. I’m probably over-thinking it.

Carbolin 19 seems to do a lot of good for the user, with no detrimental effects after use, correct?

I think it’s mainly because some people panic any time you mention a supplement can build muscle or have a T-boosting effect, many assume it’s a “steroid” and will shrink their balls! But we’re talking about an increase in the natural production of T, not adding artificial T and going way above normal levels of testosterone.

By the way, my wife is probably the biggest fan of Carbolin-19 I’ve ever seen, and she’s a natural Figure competitor who will compete in tested shows next year and be using it the whole time. So it goes without saying that I think it’s a safe and effective supplement.

In response to the first part of your response, yes, that makes sense to specify to help alleviate concerns. I get that, so thanks for clarifying. I’m glad to hear that it’s safe to use.

Regarding your second part, I hope your wife does well next year!

Thanks again, Chris.

Chris, All this being said…Is it safe to say that Alpha Male will not caused failed drug test either? None of the ingredients listed, (tribulus, vitex agnus castus, eurycoma longifolia, Carbolin 19), are on the WADA banned substance list. I know I have asked this question before…just looking for clarification…by the way…WADA will not answer questions about supplements.

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WADA is only slightly more friendly and moral than the Nazi party from what we hear.

Alpha Male should not cause a failed drug test of any kind. We have many tested athletes using it.

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