Carbolin 19 and Stimulants

I read on the warning label to not consume stimulants with Carbolin 19. Does this include caffeine? I consume caffeine on a regular basis prior to training using brain candy and throughout the day at work.

The stimulant effects of Carbolin-19 seem to be very mild in most people. In fact, most don’t notice it. (I used to take my second serving before bed.) If you’re used to caffeine, it should be fine to use Carbolin-19 as well.

Thanks Chris

I read TC’s report on Carbolin-19 and went for it now. Like a dumb ass, I did not read the label first. TC said, “Carbolin 19® makes dramatic changes to body composition without any apparent negative side effects.” but label says not to use if elderly, hypertensive, asmatic, taking medicine, or playing golf. Well, maybe not playing golf but WTF, I am all of these. Do I just throw the bottle away?

Definitely not.

Presuming it’s the first time you bought Carbolin 19 and it’s within 30 days of purchase, you can return it for the 100% Money-Back Guarantee explained here. Check that link and contact Customer Service.

Thanks for the reply and the offer, but it was my error, not yours. I can pass it to my son. BTW, what does elderly mean on this label. I am 75 but still active and a lifter.

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