Carbolin 19 and Prescription Meds

I just received my first batch of Carbolin 19 and noticed the warning on the bottle label to not use it with any prescription meds. Unfortunately that warning wasn’t shown on the product page so I wasn’t aware of this before ordering.

Is there a list available of prescription meds that Carbolin 19 interacts with or do I need to avoid Carbolin 19 due to having a couple of prescriptions?


It would be very difficult or impossible to come up with a complete list, as there are many medical conditions which aren’t familiar to me.

I don’t specifically know of a single prescription medication with which Carbolin 19 would have an adverse interaction.

The greater concern is interaction with a disease state, rather than a prescription medication, and taking prescription medication is correlated with (but not always associated with) having a disease state. So,

I would have to leave it as a matter of individual judgment. There are all kinds of prescription medications which are given for reasons that have nothing to do with much if any disease state. Then there are the guys on heart medication, and all kinds of situations between.

Please don’t feel a pressure to use Carbolin 19 from having ordered it without having this information: customer service I’m sure would take care of it for you.

It’s a matter of caution and meeting the needs, including safety needs, of thousands of people.

That’s good advice. Thank you!

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