Carbolin 19® and Indigo-3G® Stack?

Chris asks:

I could use your advice on a couple products.

I am a 33 year old male whom has been physically active my whole life. I weight train 3-4x/wk + do short cardio sessions 1-2x/wk max. I have no injuries or health concerns nor do I take any medication that will interfere with supplements.

My goal is to take my weight of 205 --> ~190 and lower my body fat % from roughly 22% --> ~15%.

Given that information, and knowing that you can not prescribe, would it be recommended that Carbolin 19® and Indigo-3G® be used simultaneously? If you can not answer that, could you tell me if knowledgeable people whom use your products stack those two?

Those two would be a great stack, no problem using them at the same time. Add in workout nutrition like Plazma (it’s actually more fundamental than the other two and make each workout more productive), and you’ll be golden.

The general training approach sounds solid. What kind of nutrition plan were you thinking about? A basic carb cycling plan would be one good approach. With Indigo, you don’t need/want to go super-low carb the entire time because it needs carbs in the diet to do its job effectively.

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