Carbolin 19 and Indigo 3G Questions and Dosage

Hi Biotest and T-nation!

Im on a high protein diet and low carb so wanted to know if I3G would be useful even with low carbs?

Does I3G shuttle protein meals to the muscles as for carbs meals?

Then about Carbolin 19 can I take it empty stomach or with food?

Can it hurt stomach as with regular Forskolin?

Thanks in advance for your answer !

Carbolin 19 helps the body preserve and build mass even when dieting. Indigo-3G works as a nutrient partitioner, sort of telling the body how to best use carbs for fuel instead of letting them turn into body fat.

You could definitely use them together if your goal was to drop fat and build muscle. Using one other the other would depend on your exact goal and your current condition, also your diet and training a little bit.

With Indigo 3G, you don’t need/want to go super-low carb because it needs carbs in the diet to do its job effectively.

Carbolin 19 can be taken on empty stomach or with food. That shouldn’t affect the results any major way. Just be sure to take two separate daily doses, as suggested on the label.

Hey thanks for your answer!

A out Indigo-3G willit works without dropping blood sugar levels as many GDA do?

Because Im very sensitive to hypoglycemia…

Thats why I eat lots of Protein and hope Indigo-3G can help with…

Do you know the % Protodioscin content in Tribex?

Thanks again

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