Carbolin 19 & Alpha Male


I am currently taking Alpha Male 4 caps per day on 5 days off 2. I have recently added Carbolin 19. Carbolin 19 directions state do not exceed 80 mg of Carbolin 19 per day. If I am stacking these together and Alpha Male provides 40 mg of Carbolin19 per day, do I need to limit my Carbolin 19 to only 40 mg? 1 cap twice a day instead of 2 caps?

Or is it okay to exceed 80 mg of Carbolin 19 if stacking Alpha Male and Carbolin 19?

I am 6’ 225 9% body fat.

Thank you,

Mark G.

The most effective suggestion when stacking those two together is to not take them in the same day. Take the Alpha Male exactly as recommended, like you’ve been doing, (1-2 caps twice a day, 5 days on/2 days off) and only take the Carbolin 19 on those two days you’re not taking Alpha Male.

That way you’re still getting a full dose of Carbolin 19 every day and you’re not overlapping any doses.

Thank you Chris!

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