Carb Cyclying Diet. What Supps?

Hello I am 42 years old and 5’8-1/2’’ and weigh 200lbs.I have recently signed up here and im considering the Velocity diet.I have been on a carb cycle diet for about a year with out taking any supplements.I have lost 25 lbs and several inches and would love to shed some more bodyfat like everybody else.I take protein for replacement meals sometimes and for postworkout,i eat a lot of chicken,fish,veggies,fats, etc.

My meals are balanced.I eat atleast 5 meals adaywhich includes a protein shake replacement sometimes.I just buy my protein powder at vitamin shoppe.

My question to you guys and gals is if I stay with my current plan what supplements would you suggest for everyday aside from preworkout,I drink an 8oz coffee 15 minutes before I workout and I sip on bcaa while I workout.I know this may not be the correct way which is why I am here so please point me towards any supplements you feel would help and any other info you may require.Thanks.

If you’re considering the Velocity Diet, get the V-Diet package and follow the plan. Tons of people who do that are happy with their fat loss results.

If you want to keep carb cycling, I’d go with Indigo-3G and Plazma. The Indigo will let your body handle carbs better, so eventually you won’t need to carb cycle. Plazma is a huge step forward in workout nutrition, compared to simple BCAAs.

Pretty much every physique coach agrees that, even when you’re trying to lose fat, you want to keep carbs right before, during, and immediately after training, so Plazma (or Surge Workout Fuel if it suits your budget better) would be the best bet there.

thanks for the reply Chris.Im assuming I would use the Plazma for before workout and during workout like im doing with thwe bcaa currently.Would I take Mag-10 or Metabolic Drive to replace the protein powder that im taking now and for meal replacement sometimes.For example my Monday breakfast is 1/4 cup of buckwheat and 40G protein shake Tuesday would be 2 whole eggs,3 eggwhites and a 25G shake with 1/4 cup of buckwheat or oatmeal.Which one of the 2 I mentioned would I replace my current protein with?Budget isn’t a problem I just want the best product.Thanks.

The no.1 thing to take are of is workout nutrition which means Plazma pre and during workouts (no need for BCAAs while using it). In any type of diet (except a pure ketogenic diet) and regardless of your goal, Plazma should be the first thing you add to your supplement program. It will magnify your recovery and gains from each session as well as improve your work capacity during the workouts.

For a carb cycling diet the most important thing to do is make your body sensitive to insulin. Specifically increase muscle insulin sensitivity. In other words use supplements that will make your body respond better to carbs: storing them more in the muscles and less as body fat.

As such the best supplement to use is Indigo-3G, it truly does amazing work in that regard. Flameout will also improve insulin sensitivity as well as have a myriad of other health promoting effects,.

Finally, curcumin might also be worth adding since it has been shown to help with improving body composition via several mechanisms: it also improves insulin sensitivity a bit but mostly it reduces whole-body inflammation. Whole body inflammation makes the body resistant to insulin (bad) and makes every process in the body less effective, including mobilizing (using and losing) fat and building muscle.

Awesome,thanks for clearing that up for me.

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