Carb Cycling After V-Diet


I’ve recently started carb cycling as a post V-Diet lifestyle. My low days are around 70-80g carb, my baseline days are around 150-175g carb, and my high days are around 250-300g (once per week). I train high volume about 5X per week -

I noticed a while back that about halfway through the day I tend to start feeling lethargic, like I’m wearing a weight vest…I tend to drag ass, and feel really tired. I was ingesting significantly less carbs, so I bumped up the carbs to what I just posted, and I still feel this way for the most part. I’m getting about 250-300 g protein, about 60-80g healthy fat, and my calories are around 2500 on baseline days. I’m also taking a multivitamin, and all my carbs are from oats in the morning, FINiBAR before lifting, Metabolic Drive protein and veges (which I do count as part of my daily macros).

I’m 6 foot 2, 175-180 pounds. I’m still cutting, so 2,500 cals is probably under maintenance… Do you have any ideas as to why I feel so tired all the time? As a result, I end up drinking an unholy amount of coffee and I’m pissed off a lot…Any suggestions or ideas would be great.

PS I was looking through the bodybuilding forum the other day and stumbled upon some contest prep threads. Why don’t these guys do the V-Diet instead of calculating macros down to the minutia they do - they count cals in sauces, spices, etc…Wouldn’t the V-Diet just take some mental pressure off these guys 4 weeks out? Just a thought…

I’m not sure how you ate before the V-Diet, but how did you feel while on it? It’s pretty low carb other than peri workout. Maybe you just don’t handle carbs that well. Maybe up the fat, lower the carbs other than post workout and then maybe throw in one high carb day every other week?

During the V-Diet I felt the same way too…maybe more so

6’2’’ 175…dude, that’s really freaking skinny. why not try some more food and keep your cals and macro’s steady and see how you feel?

200 grams protein from quality sources + 200 grams of carbs from fruits and veggies + some healthy fat + fish oil and i guarantee you’ll feel good.

Sometimes we overlook the obvious because we’re so focused on getting the little stuff right. so what could be happening here is simple lack of sleep. It’s an easy cycle to fall into: poor sleep > more caffeine > which causes even worse sleep > which means even more caffeine the next day, etc.

So consider this before you get anal about the macro ratios. And maybe get some Z12 to regulate your sleep cycle.

I’d also suggest ditching the oats. While they’re certainly better than cereal, you’re still eating grass for breakfast, which doesn’t sit well with most humans. Consider this instead:

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