Carb Cycle and Indigo-3G, WP Competitor


I’ve been consistently taking Indigo-3g since Sept 2016 while in my hypertrophy phase. I continued to take it through my first prep and had great results. According to my coach’s 16 point caliper pinches weekly I only lost about a HALF POUND of lean mass. Super happy! Thank you Biotest.

Now I am prepping for my next two shows (2 weeks and 14 weeks out). I am looking to come in with better conditioning and a bunch more polished with my posing.

Since I’m hanging around 10% BF and don’t want to increase cardio anymore (75 mins cumulative total over two sessions) I am trying a carb cycle. It will look something like this:

Sun- 130 g(refeed day)
Mon/Tues- 40 g
Wed/Thurs- 60 g
Fri/Sat- 90 g

Question: Keep up the Indigo-3G, even on the lower carb days? It’s spendy!

Firstly, congrats on your success thus far in your competitive season!

As a fellow competitor with carb sensitivities, I’d say take it if the budget allows, but if not, low days seems like the time to leave it out. My low days are currently 50g carbs, all pre-workout, and I still take it on low days to help with the larger carb feeding.

Best of luck!

Unfortunately like many of the other pricey sups it’s better to take it continuously everyday rather than stop and start. For instance Micro-PA is a prime example of this and, from experience and from advice, it’s best to keep it going on your off days too. So if you can keep it moving on the Indigo-3G even on your low days. Then this will cause, in theory, the greatest net insulin sensitivity in your system and that’s exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your carb cycling in the first place. That’s great synergy.

I am not a pro by any means, but carb cycling is my preferred method also. Keep in mind this advice is anecdotal, I have not tried Indigo-13, based on other supplementation, advice from others, and my understanding of the science involved. I am waiting ever so patiently to be able to fit I-3G into my rotation of supplements, or rather my budget, right now. The science makes sense though in this way.

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