Can't Sleep. On Nothing, but Something?



This past Wednesday, I did a Neural Charge session after my V-Diet Session, and it knocked my sleep cycle completely out of whack. It kept me awake until midnight. And then I woke up early. Z-12 gives me vertigo. And I’m getting this amazing energy like I’m ON something.

Today, after my 3pm 2 egg’s, celery, tomato, and cucumbers, my energy shot through the roof. My upper and lower body felt quite swollen like I just finished doing some slight moderate weight training session. I felt absolutely amazing. And my energy is still through the roof and it’s midnight right now and I’m eating a 14oz sirloin. Where is this energy coming from, Chris?

I’m still consuming FA3, Fish Oil, HOT-ROX, an occasional 2-4 shot of espresso. i feel quite amazing actually. Does it sound like I’m complaining? Maybe, but I’ve never felt this great before. Oh, and I float around 185-189lbs after the V-Diet. I plan on using the Advanced version starting next Monday with 3 shakes/2 meals a day.


Wow, very interesting. HOT-ROX and espresso helps, but this sounds like much more than a caffeine buzz, eh?

Could be a lot things going on. But basically, I think when everything comes together – body fat under control, good carbs only, good training, good fats etc. – that’s just the way you’re supposed to feel. People have forgotten what that feels like. And it takes a period of time of clean eating and optimized supps to get that to kick in. Maybe you’ve just reach that point where everything is jibing?


Agree’ed. Everything must be…jibing(jiving). I thought the same thing but second guessed myself. Maybe I should listen to my body from now on. Thanks Chris