Can't Handle the Flax


Hey Chris,

I’m having one hell of a time tolerating the milled flax seed. I’ve had problems with flax in the past, but on this V-Diet journey I tried your tips of cutting the serving in half. Well, that didn’t solve the naseous/GI upset it was causing, so I cut it to a quarter serving. Same problems. I’ve just removed it from the diet altogether. Was wondering how much of a deleterious effect this may have on the overall diet. Any suggestions about a substitute, or can I keep my head down and power through this diet as planned without the flax? (On Day 5, and I feel like I’m turning a corner…in a good way). Will post pictures as soon as I can.

Thanks for the help from a long time lurker.


Try Chia seeds


I’d suggest adding some FA3 to the diet to round out the fat sources and get some of those calories back. Don’t want to drop too low.

Then, use an unsweetened fiber supplement if needed.

Just remember, less in, less out. Meaning, a lot of people think they’re constipated when they diet because, well, not much is coming out. BUT, because of the reduced calories, not much is going in, so extra fiber may not be needed.

Here’s the link to FA3 in case you’re not familiar with it:


Make that milled chia seeds. I think they’re awesome. The whole seeds, not so much.


[quote]Skibunny wrote:
Try Chia seeds

They’re okay. But they turn to gelatinous glop easily. Gotta eat 'em quickly.


Thanks for the tips.

Guess using the Chia seeds on my head to cover any possible bald spots wasn’t how they were intended. Dammit.


I just ran a quick test in the kitchen. I dumped a teaspoon of the milled chia (chia flour) into a cup of water. Thirty minutes later it is still liquid. It looks messy but is still quite pourable. Apparently the gelatinous mass comes from whole seeds and not from the milled seeds.