Can't Gain Weight or Mass

Logan asks:

I am 34 yrs old 6’3 200lbs. I can’t seem to gain any weight and no matter how much I work out, I see no results. I was hoping you guys could give me a little guidance as to which supplement to take. I’ve been dealing with this issue long enough. I’m to the point of doing a couple cycle’s of steroids. But if possible I would like a legal option instead. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Logan, what is your current training and nutrition like? Have there been programs or diets in the past that have given you some results?

The easiest place to start is with solid workout nutrition. Plazma will not only kick your training up several notches, but it also jump starts the recovery and growth phases.

And speaking of recovery and growth, I’ve found pulsing with Mag-10 both post-workout and between meals to work really, really well. You can read more about protein pulsing here and here.

Also, at your age (I’m 33), sadly our testosterone levels can start to decline. I’ve found Alpha Male helps me maintain that extra umph.

Hope this provides a good starting point for you!

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