Candy's V-Diet


First Day on VDiet and am jittery and hungry…man, I hope its worth it…


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3rd attempt at posting my measurements…


Good luck!!! I am on day 3 and have already dropped 5 lbs. I am sure most is water. But, I am already feeling healthier.


Does it get easier? I’m 2nd guessing it right now because I’m so hungry. Did you feel that way too on the first day?


1st day is over and it is bedtime. The last meal was very satisfying. I hope it gets easier…tomorrow is my first workout day.


Haha! Accidentally posted while signed is as husband…


So far I have been very lucky on the hunger part. I haven’t been very hungry except when I see food commercials, read recipes, or am around food. So, I change the channel, stop reading the recipes and try to avoid being around food. I am very lucky in that my husband is out of town for 6 weeks. I have pretty much removed all food from the house, so I don’t have to see it, or smell it.

I find the shakes are more filling with lots of ice too!

Here is my current favorite shake menu:
Shake 1 - Strawberry, flax, superfood, blended with ice
Shake 2 - Vanilla with pumpkin pie spices, blended with ice
Shake 3 - Chocolate, shaken with ice, not blended
Shake 4 - Strawberry, flax, superfood, blended with ice
Shake 5 - 1 scoop Choc, 1 scoop Strawberry, 2 TBSP nut butter, blended with ice

I have noticed that if I do wait longer than 3 hours in between shakes I lose energy, or get hungry. So I think it is very important to do one every three hours even if you don’t think you need it then.

I normally chew sugar free gum, but found that to make me want food also, so I quit chewing gum. Also, I believe the Fiber Choice upsets my stomach, and gives me cravings, so I haven’t been taking those on Day 1 & 3. On Day 1 I didn’t have them, and on Day 2 I didn’t start taking them until the afternoon and felt yucky and had cravings afterwards. So, I laid off them today and haven’t had any of the symptoms I did yesterday. Not sure if it is necessarily related, but for my body it seemed to be. I believe that when you chew something it sends a message to your brain that you are eating food and certain chemicals get produced to digest the food. And when your stomach doesn’t get the food it thinks it is getting it sends messages to your brain that it is still hungry. Therefore, for me, I think the less I put in my mouth the better and easier it has been.

I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Chris talks about mint decaf tea helping the hunger. I got some from Trader Joe’s but haven’t tried it yet.

I hope this helps!

Keep up the good work! It will be a bitch the first couple of days until your body gets used to it and you can figure out what is messes with it. Do some experimenting. Change one variable each day to see what might be giving you cravings. You will be soooo happy on day 28!


Keep it up, and yes it’s SO worth it! I’ll be following your progress as I will be starting on Thursday…


2nd Day down…this is so hard…I’m in a haze…

I find it is especially difficult when making meals for my husband and 2 year old son. I just want to “taste” and eat everything all up! My husband is super supportive, though.


It does take a couple of days to acclimate. You are going from one extreme to another. I too cook for the family and to be honest I had to let it go for a couple of days. By the 5th day I was able to get back into it without temptation. Heck, I used to taste and be done eating before I put the food on the table.

There are a couple of days were you feel blah during the first week, but no troubles since…unless I’m over exerting myself in the heat outside.

Hang in there…you can do it!


Congrats on Day 2!

And hello to Day 3!

Keep up the hard work!


It is my 3rd Day on this VDiet…

2nd Meal down and no splash pad to splash in. Should be a scorcher today. I was really looking forward to a distraction. I’m making my son lunch now and am sooooo tempted to eat it!


It is the end of Day 3 and my stomach has finally settled while I ‘eat’ my bedtime meal. Had a boost of energy while at gymnastics with my 2 year old.

I find myself trying to make excuses to eat…but my husband won’t let me…LOL

I made a commitment, I should stick to it etc…


4th day, 4th meal, depressed…

I don’t know what to do…I want to eat…


Dig deep… you have it in you… otherwise you wouldn’t be here doing this. The mere fact anyone gets here and decides to do this has a different frame of mind coming in. You have it, simply tell yourself you’ll run through a brick wall for this.

I’m finishing day 3… I get SUPER hungry about one hour after a shake. Today, day 3 wasn’t as bad though. Stay strong, YOU CAN DO THIS!


Now, I am drinking my bedtime meal and wondering if there is anyone who’s ever actually stuck to this diet? It seems like everyone tweaks it to their liking in some way or another. I am sticking to it as laid out. My husband is wanting us to do the Indigo Project together (if I can finish the V-Diet). So, its not just me I’d be disappointing if I quit…