Can You Take HGH and Micro-Pa Together After Injury?


I have a few questions for the pro’s and I appreciate any feedback.

2 months ago I got a SLAP tear on my right shoulder when the pin broke on an older incline bench sending me to decline position while pressing DB’s. After rehabbing these last couple months the doctor said I could start to lift heavy again and I have been doing 5/3/1 for 4 weeks now.

I am thinking about getting HGH prescribed for my injury and also thinking about taking Micro PA to assist in muscle building. So, two questions- First, can Micro PA be taken at the same time as HGH? Second, is 5/3/1 a good program to use with Micro PA? I have read that Micro Pa is best used with a “time under tension” program and I do not know if 5/3/1 meets that criteria (I have looked at the 5/3/1 Micro Pa forum and the indication is that it is a good workout).

Stats- 43 y/o man, 5’ 8”, 165 lbs. My PR’s just prior to the injury were- 330 DL (with straps), 315 parallel back squat, 155 OHP, 225 bench press.

Current supplements- Plazma, Mag 10, turmeric, fish oil, D, iodine, magnesium, green tea w/ caffine.

Thanks again!


There’s nothing that should interact with the Micro-PA and HGH. Couldn’t hurt to let your doc know what you’re taking, but if they cleared you to lift, go for it.

You can maximize the TUT on the accessory work, not really the main lift. Don’t go crazy on the volume or intensity until you’re fully back to 100%, but either slowing down the negatives a bit and/or throwing some mid-rep pauses into each set (of accessory work) will help.

Also, bump up your turmeric and fish oil to further help recovery.