Can You Help Dispel Some Myths?


So I’m bombarded by this “fact” daily: “You know, eating all that protein is going to cause your kidneys to shut down.” And this mostly comes from the medical “professionals” in my family. Can you help me get to the root of this statement. Is there any data out there that disproves what I ultimately believe to be a myth?



Here’s the short and sweet: In a very old study, people who had existing kidney disease (renal failure) were tube fed lots of protein and the results were that their already weakened kidneys had to work harder. This became, magically, “High protein diets are bad for your kidneys!”

From Dr. John Berardi:

“Some physicians still believe that high protein diets cause kidney dysfunction. This is FALSE according to everything science now knows to be true. This presumption states that if you take a healthy person and put them on a high protein diet, the protein will negatively influence the kidney. To this end, there’s absolutely no data in healthy adults suggesting that a high protein intake causes the onset of renal dysfunction. There aren’t even any correlational studies showing this effect in healthy people. Any studies that show a correlation between renal dysfunction and protein intake are in those with some type of pre-existing kidney disease.”

Here’s a few links with more detailed info:


Thanks for the information. I’m now on a mission to fix this bullshit, although people will continue to believe what they want to believe.


Somehow I ended up with a brother who was smart enough to become a doctor – a nephrologist, no less (a kidney doctor) – so you can bet that was the first question I asked him before I started. He assured me that the modern thinking among his brethren is that protein leakage into the urine is a symptom of potential kidney disease, but not a cause of it. You may have to be careful of high protein diets if you already have kidney disease, but you won’t cause kidney disease with it.

Straight from the nephrologist’s mouth …


Thanks dude! I got into an argument earlier with someone who’s had a few biology classes and she told me that I was wrong because all my information came from the internet. When I told her that I had journals and articles to back it up, she told me that it had to be in her hand in magazine form. She continued to talk about the old science that she’s been fed. I basically quit arguing b/c it was going nowhere fast. You can’t fight stupidity. Not that I care 4.5 more weeks and I’ll look a hell of a lot different and she’ll still be bulky. Score!