Can We Decrease Water in Shakes?

It’s only day two but I honestly cannot find a way to get through these shakes. I am not hungry for them and I am forcing myself to drink them (the chocolate is delicious) but it’s to the point where I have to plug my nose and suck and then I feel like I am going to throw it up because I am so full.

Can I decrease the liquid to 8oz so that I am getting everything from the shake still? I don’t think that it is helping that when I take the HOT-ROX I drink a full glass of water (per the instructions) and I drink another half a glass with the Flameout. By the time I get to the shake I am so stuffed I could die lol.

I am definitely not used to exercising so I am sorry if this is a stupid question but does walking for 4 miles straight benefit you more than walking for 2 miles twice a day? I was thinking of separating it to make it easier on me and help me walk farther. I might even be able to do 6 miles if I can do 3 and 3. Just wondering :slight_smile:

  1. Decreasing the after is fine with a protein shake, but use the full amount for Surge and other workout nutrition drinks. For Metabolic Drive, many like to make it thick like a pudding and eat it with a spoon.

  2. You can’t overdo the NEPA portion of the V-Diet, so walk as much as you’d like. Just avoid long duration cardio (jogging etc.) It really doesn’t matter how you split it up.

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