Can I Take Micro-PA without Plazma?


Is there any point in taking this without Plazma/Mag-10 or should I for sure take them together?


Ideally, you’d take it as per label directions, following a dose with Plazma/Mag-10 on training days or Mag-10 on rest days. That basically reinforces the muscle-building signals from Micro-PA so you’re getting the most benefit.

But I wouldn’t say there’s “no point” in taking it without Plazma or Mag-10. It’s still delivering concentrated phosphatidic acid, which can increase muscle protein synthesis. It’s just that the effects are even better when it’s combined with the right protein.

Think of it like training your back with 5 sets of pull-ups vs 5 sets of pull-ups, 4 sets of rows, and 3 sets of stiff-arm pulldowns. One is fine, but the other is more complete and will deliver better results in the long run.


Hello Chris
I’m taking all three supplements, Plazma, mag-10, indigo 3 and adding this ingredients this week micro - PA.
My question here is if I’m already taking this four supplements can I add the Carbolin19 in the morning with my fasted cardio?


Ha, now that’s timing. I think I pretty much posted the reply in the other thread just as this popped up. So… uh, yeah.