Can I Combine Indigo-3G® with Micro-PA®?

Pamb45 asks:

I am currently taking your Indigo 3G® and was reading on your site about Micro-PA®. Can I combine these 2 supplements or would I be wasting money and should take either one or the other? I’m a 53 yr old natural professional bodybuilder and am having a witch of a time getting rid of my fat. I’m doing cardio sessions daily plus lifting. So was wondering if taking Micro-PA would boost my fat loss and help gain more lean muscle.

Yep, those two can definitely be stacked together and would be a really good lean muscle-building combo. They’re unrelated formulas that work completely different from each other, so there’s no problem taking them together.

The Indigo-3G is a strong nutrient partitioner so you can put clean carbs to good use fueling training, and the Micro-PA reinforces the muscle-building stimulus for even better results.

As a foundational supplement, make sure you’ve got workout nutrition in place for optimal recovery. Plazma is top of the line for fast-digesting protein and carbs to use when lifting. That’ll go a long way in preserving and building muscle during a cut.

Also, if you have a contest anywhere on the horizon (or, really, if you don’t even), you might want to post your training and diet details over in the Bodybuilding forum to get some feedback from other competitors to dial things in even more.

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