Can He Still Do the V-Diet?

I have a friend that I suggested the V-Diet to since I had great success with it before. His back story: He has always kept in fairly good shape being a combat MOS in the Army. He wouldn’t eat anything he wanted or has a nasty diet but ate a lot due to the activity and stress of our job.

After 3 deployments later the toll has finally been taken on his body and his knees are almost destroyed from IED blasts. He has arthritis in his right knee and his left knee is messed up too but not nearly as bad. He is currently getting injection in his right knee that seem to help but they say his knee will just continue to degenerate.

I don’t know how good the diagnosis is considering they are army PA’s and don’t have real doctor degrees. Regardless though his knees are messed up and most of the leg workouts would be out of the question. He will still be able to do the walks and wants to shed these unwanted pounds he has put on over the last year. He still eats like he used to but isn’t doing nearly as much exercise so the weight gain has built up. I would guess around 23-25% fat.

Is there alternate exercises he can do for the various leg exercises or would you it be best for him to try something else? I will appreciate any help.

The V-Diet would work for him for fat loss since it would clean up his diet and probably improve his health (protein, good fats, Superfood etc.) I’m not sure if he’d need the Surge Recovery after weight training if his weight training is going to be very limited.

And he’d probably need to follow his own lifting plan instead of following the exact V-Diet plan for weight training, at least when it comes to exercise choices. One idea is he could use the Surge after upper body session and skip it on lower body sessions since he may not be able to do too much in the way of big compound movements. He could however use machines or whatever allows his to work around his issues.

Gotcha, Is there anything specific you would know that is easier on the knee area? A good substitute? I know he may be able to deadlift but exercises such as squat even body weight is even painful for him. He can do all upper body except for any standing exercises so that is a plus. I’m pretty sure he is going through with it. thanks.

I’m not really an expert in injury and exercise substitutions. And the knee is a tricky area. He’ll just have to try a variety and see what’s comfortable for him.

Ok, Thanks for the help. I just bought Becoming a Supple Leopard so I will see what advice that book gives. Appreciate it and I will be sure to post his results in the before and after pics.

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