Calorie/Supplement Intake Based on Size?


I’m on day 3 on the V-diet, weighing 175 lbs for 5 ft 9" and doing well overall (only had a real bad headache on day 1).
I’m curious as to how does a person weighing 50-100 lbs more than myself live with the same calorie/supplement intake as I do just by correcting with one protein scoop?
Should there be more room for customization? Is the diet as is providing too many nutrients and how can it be the same for someone else?
I feel alright, a bit lightheaded (due to the carbs lacking) but no cravings or starvation feeling.


It’s not just from one extra scoop. Extra-large people also have some flexibility with the HSM if they need (need, not want) extra calories from good sources.

It’s a bit of a case-by-case basis. Is the extra weight lean muscle that actually requires the additional fuel? Or is it bodyfat that doesn’t need to be supported, so the basic-though-possibly-intense calorie restriction is fine? It’ll depend on the person and their weekly progress.

But really, the basic plan delivers in the neighborhood of 200-250g protein daily. Even on a calorie deficit, that’s plenty to support lean muscle in the overwhelming majority of people. So the base template is a solid starting point for most people.

About the headaches, it’s not uncommon to have them initially from very low carbs (though you should be having some cabrs in the daily HSM). But if you’re usually a coffee drinker, you don’t have to ditch caffeine (just ditch the calories added to the coffee). So make sure it’s not any kind of accidental caffeine withdrawal.


Thanks Chris!
I guess the point is whether I’m eating too much for my body type (how do I know that?) Since I’m not starving like Many others?


By tracking progress with weekly weigh-ins, pics, and measurements, along with monitoring performance in training.

If the physique numbers are moving in the right direction (scale down or the same, waist and overall measurements down), you’re not excessively/deathly sore after training, and the reps are moving up/V-burn time is going down, then you’re not eating too much.

If things are going well in the gym but the scale’s not moving, pants aren’t getting looser, and tape measurements aren’t changing, you might be eating too much.

If you’re sore all the time, gym numbers (weight and/or reps) are decreasing, V-burn isn’t improving, and the scale/measurements aren’t changing or are changing just slightly, you might be eating too little.

Starving isn’t mandatory for results. Plenty of people starve themselves and don’t see fat loss.