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I’m about to start the V-Diet and I’ve been wondering about the calorie requirements for myself. I read the whole formula and did the calculations but the calories seem a bit low for a guy my size.

I’m 6’2" 240lbs and roughly 15% body fat and I’m just not sure that 1650 calories on off days is enough for me. It seems like a one size fits all formula for calorie intake doesn’t make sense considering everyone has different body compositions and while mine is not great, I’m certainly burning more calories sitting around than a guy who is 240 with 30% body fat.

Am I just being a nancy who needs to man up and drop the calories for 28 days? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The formulas are not one-size-fits-all, but of course they do have to be generalized to an extent.

One thought: Are you sure of your body fat percentage? It’s just that most men vastly underestimate how much fat they have to lose.

You could post a pic or PM it to me. Not to play the silly “what’s my body fat %” game, but to get a second opinion. Up to you.

I’ll try to get my roommate’s digital camera soon.

I understand that this method is not accurate but I did the electric scan thing and it gave out readings of 14.5% three different times over one month. I sincerely don’t think I can be over 18%. My waist measurement is 35.5" and my chest is 47" if that helps.

If you could give me any rough calorie numbers based on the numbers above until I can get a pic in, that would be greatly appreciated. I want to order this stuff and get started ASAP.


I am a 48 y/o guy who is extremely out of shape. 73 inches tall, @250#, @35% bodyfat (by Tanita bodyfat scale, ? accuracy). Will turn 50 y/o on October 1, 2009 and would like to be in the absolute best shape of my life then. Am a medical professional and have a very chaotic, unpredictable work schedule, family/children responsibilities on top of that. I am not currently working out but have a very complete home gym, dusty at the time. Current data as follows:

Chest (@ nipple line) - 48 1/2
Waist (@ bellybutton) - 48 1/2
Left Forearm - 12 3/8
Right Forearm - 12 5/8
Left Bicep - 15 1/16
Right Bicep - 15 5/16
Left Thigh - 24 1/8
Right Thigh - 24 3/8
Lefr Calf - 16 1/8
Right Calf 16 1/4

256#, 73 " tall, 38% fat.

All measurements taken using Myotape, all non-flexed measurements. Cannot make an accurate estimate of my dietary intake except on weekends when usually eat three fairly balanced meals and a couple of snacks. Have been studying Dr Di Pasquale’s Anabolic Diet and would like to utilize that (Five days low carb, i.e., 20-30 grams/day and higher/unlimited carbs x two days). Would ideally like to be at the following measurements, weight, bodyfat by October 1, 2009 (today is September 1, 2008).

Chest - 45.5
Bicep - 16.5
Calf - 16.5
Neck - 16.5
Thigh - 24.5
Waist - 31.5-32
Forearm - 13.25

Weight - 185-190
Bodyfat 8%-10%

Where to start??? It is obviously a formidable goal but I am extremely motivated to achieve it. Having hard time keeping up with extremely busy work schedule (no endurance) and libido and associated energy for this is nil. Feel depressed more and more. Want to be fit and healthy as wife and children are still young and want to be around to physically enjoy them and vice-versa.

Recently returned from beach vacation - have never been this embarrased and do not want my wife and children to see their husband/father like this any anymore!! Have a very good support system; biggest obstacle is my work - minimal time to stop and eat, schedule is constant - go go go, @ 70 hours/week at work with 2-3 days/week taking paperwork home.

I’m overwhelmed but again am extremely motivated and will achieve this goal. Is it too lofty? Point me in the right direction Chris.

chongo114 – Instead of making this a guessing game, I’d suggest sticking to the calories as listed, then modify if needed after 1 week of evaluation.

plcpac – Not much I can tell you. You’re not eating right and not training, so really ANY attempt at healthier eating and even a limited workout program will work wonders for you at first.

And I’ll add this. You’re very busy, yes, but a lot of very busy people have made total physical transformations. I always find that both challenging and comforting: others are doing it, so it’s not impossible. And those doing it aren’t smarter than you or better than you.

It can be done. It HAS been done. It’s your turn to do it.

Why are you concerned with the calories recommended? Are you afraid that you’ll lose muscle mass?

I definitely agree that this would be a concern for just about anyone who trains, but the way the V-Diet is set up is to preserve muscle mass while burning stored body fat.

From the numbers you’ve posted, it appears that you’re relative in size to coach Dan John (who, btw, had very good results from the V-Diet). Check out the thread; I’m confident it will answer nearly all your questions.

I’m sure plenty of people can relate to you plcpac in terms of how busy you are, but thats the sweetest part of it all; overcoming. It appears you’re tremendously busy, but dont let that be the cop out thats keeping you unhealthy, unhappy, and possibly on the verge of death. Afterall; how helpful can you be to your family if you’re 6 feet under ground?

If you’re too busy for the health and prosperity of your body/life, you might want to reconsider how you’re spending your free time.

As far as time goes, it appears to me that this would be one of the best diets around. After all, how long does it take to divide your daily supplements (HOT-ROX, Flameout, BCAA, etc) into little baggies and throw a couple scoops of powder into “X” amount of shakers?

You mentioned how you’ve got the motivation, so prove it. Do it for your family, friends, health, and most of all, yourself. Best of luck, and post your success!

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
chongo114 – Instead of making this a guessing game, I’d suggest sticking to the calories as listed, then modify if needed after 1 week of evaluation.


Thanks Chris, I just ordered my stash for the entire program. I’m really looking forward to seeing my hard-earned muscle.

how many calories should i be taking in weighting at 222? where can i cheak

Depending if you are needing to lose +30lbs or not…
1571cal non workout day
1886cal workout day
+30lbs lose
1257cal NWD
1508cal WD


thanx for the reply …that was my old accont made a new one but please read my other post on the starting the V-Diet …

I think I am saving time on the V-Diet and a walk everyday plus lifting three times a week isn’t a huge time commitment either (though it does require some willpower).

The time-saving aspect is that instead of sitting at a table and having a meal or walking somewhere to grab lunch I just empty a plastic baggy I filled into a shaker, go to the water cooler, shake it up and drink, 5-10 minutes max, including baggy stuffing time.

I am on Day 4 and I think you should just go for it. The more time and money you invest in this + the results you will inevitably see make it hard to stop.

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